Historical Weather Data?

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By an edhat reader

I need a copy of the wind speeds recorded in downtown SB on April 16th this year to support a parking violation I am contesting!  Do you know where or how I might be able to get my hands on historical weather data? Any help would be greatly appreciated! 

Update by the edhat reader

My contested ticket story is so bizarre that it can only be true.  I don't have the imagination to make up such a  series of events just to avoid paying a fine!  But so far the SBPD is not buying it!

I was just about to pop 3 pieces of mail in the smaller box in front of the main post office on Anacapa when a huge gust of wind snatched the mail from my hand and sent it flying across Anacapa.  I just jumped out of my car, leaving it where it was "illegally parked" at the mail box. By-standers saw what happened, and an officer in a "meter-maid" vehicle was at the larger mailbox.  I signaled that I was in pursuit of my mail and thought he understood.  A woman in a car on the opposite side of the road got out of her car and helped me run down Anacapa towards De la Guerra as she saw where the strong wind was blowing my mail.  Anyway, I did retrieve 2 pieces of mail (the important envelopes with checks in them!) and returned to the mailbox, inserted them very carefully, and drove off. A few days later I got a citation in the mail for illegal parking!  The officer claimed he saw me exiting the Post Office.  I wrote up the whole saga, which they " thoroughly reviewed" and found that the evidence I provided did not support dismissing the case!  Anyway, this whole thing belongs in the theater of the absurd, but I am requesting a formal Administrative Hearing and plan to be armed with incontestable evidence and hope to be able to talk to a rational being.  We'll see!
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oceandrew Jul 06, 2018 11:45 AM
Historical Weather Data?

This is very curious.... how does wind speed mitigate a parking violation? I'd just like to know the reasoning so I can use it in my defense in the future. :-)

RHS Jul 07, 2018 09:32 AM
Historical Weather Data?

Necessity is a defense under the law. Had he not chased his mail it would have been lost. He did not have time to relocate the car to a legal parking zone and therefore what he did was reasonable under the law and does constitute a defense. Why so smug in defending the parking ticket tax?

a-1530903173 Jul 06, 2018 11:52 AM
Historical Weather Data?

See if this works....


Flicka Jul 06, 2018 12:57 PM
Historical Weather Data?

Sounds crazy and you have a right to win. Especially since the story about seeing you coming from the post office is a blatant lie. With a lot of luck, the lady who helped you chase down the mail will read this and offer to be a witness. Please let us know how it all turns out.

a-1530977248 Jul 07, 2018 08:27 AM
Historical Weather Data?

The primary problem here is the city employee that approaches his job with an attitude about civilians and devoid of common sense. This is unfortunately the case with too many of our "public servants" and those give the rest a bad name. Until the top leaders of the city start changing the bureaucratic culture it will continue.

Lucky 777 Jul 07, 2018 09:58 AM
Historical Weather Data?

I once walked my Vespa (turned off) to park it on the curb median in front of the Anacapa Street Post Office (because it had recently been knocked over parking it on the street between cars.) I came out of the PO to find a ticket stating that I had RIDDEN it on the sidewalk to where I parked it. I went to traffic court to argue my case and won, I argued they did NOT see me ride it up there and the meter maid did not show.

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