Hillside House Holiday Art

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Hillside House Holiday Art
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By Robert Bernstein

Solstice Artist Pali-X had his "Giant Silver Comet" on display at the Hillside House Holiday Display!

Here are my photos!

Hillside House provides a residential environment for disabled people in Santa Barbara. Their Holiday Display is meant to be "Shining a Light on Abilities"

Pali's Giant Silver Comet was the centerpiece of the display:

With a snowman whimsically placed inside:

Illuminated reindeer are another highlight

A team of reindeer is pulling Santa's sleigh

A group of students posed in the sleigh for me

Another small group of reindeer dance on the lawn nearby

The display includes many other interesting and beautiful lighting effects

It is hard to capture them in still photos. So... Here is a short video I made to showcase it all

Thanks to Solstice artist Riccardo Morrison for creating many of these effects.

I am not sure how much of the display is still up and functioning. It is directly across the street from the Veronica Place street of amazing holiday lights, so you can check it out at the same time. Both are off of Veronica Springs Road near Las Positas.

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