Highway 101 Traffic Jam Near Gaviota

101 Traffic Jam (Photo: Pat Fish)

Sunday 6/23/24 I went trail riding up at Mission La Purisima, and on the way back to Santa Barbara innocently turned onto Hwy 101 South, The stretch from Buellton 246 and Gaviota took THREE HOURS. In 84 degree heat.

My mule was overheating in his trailer, cars were puling over overheated, I saw one guy in a motor home who had pulled into a ranch road and was sitting in the shade in a lawn chair watching the traffic creep by. What I DID NOT SEE was a single Caltrans employee. Not one.

101 Traffic Jam (Photo: Pat Fish)



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  1. The 154 was closed as well to add to the problem. Caltrans and our local government should have quickly reacted and opened both lanes of the 101 when the 154 was closed down for emergency repairs.
    We deserve better from our elected officials.
    Just another example of their ineptitude.

        • Everything is always the fault of libs, and no con is ever responsible for anything.

          But I’m left wondering *which* local government was supposed to react quickly to open a lane on the 101 in Buellton, and what that has to do with our Santa Barbara/Goleta locale.

          • Hey Sac and Dalgorf, no one said anything political about “libs” or “cons”, including the original poster. Just you. I think it’s a legit issue for the OP and others who get stuck in massive traffic – why isn’t our infrastructure (Caltrans in this case) able to pivot and take down their cone zone when there’s a major highway closure around here AND, as Pat stated there wasn’t a Caltrans worker in sight. They’re did nothing but creating a massive traffic jam that day.

          • As long as Dr. Deleted is already whining about commenting on politics, let me throw this in from a noted historian:


            There’s a lot there … I’ll just quote the penultimate paragraph:

            On June 11, David Lynch reported in the Washington Post that U.S. economic growth has been so strong this year that it is helping to stabilize the global economy, while Hans Nichols of Axios reported today that 16 Nobel prize–winning economists have warned that Trump’s economic plans will spike inflation and hurt the global economy. “While each of us has different views on the particulars of various economic policies,” the economists wrote, “we all agree that Joe Biden’s economic agenda is vastly superior to Donald Trump.”

          • Let’s start with our state representative, mayors of Santa Barbara and surrounding city’s and work our way up to our federal representatives. How about they all get together and issue an apology and an immediate fix. They are working diligently to reopen the 154 however, the 101 just sits there with nobody working on it. It’s asinine to think that government can’t push a project to the front of the line and get it done. It’s a quarter mile section where it goes down to one lane on the 101.

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