Highway 101 Shut Down for Subject on Overpass

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Update by edhat staff

Highway 101 was shut down in both directions on Wednesday evening due to a possibly suicidal person threatening to jump from the Las Positas Road overpass.

According to scanner traffic, there were reports of a woman on the freeway sign above the highway. Emergency officials responded while California Highway Patrol shut down the northbound and southbound lanes. 

The incident concluded around 9:00 p.m. as the freeway was reopened. The woman was reportedly safely transported to the hospital.

Reported by edhat readers
January 29, 2020
  • 8:42 pm: Highway 101 shutdown. Someone threatening to jump off the bridge by Las Positas? 

  • 8:51 pm: Scanner states a person, a woman I think?, threatening to jump from the La Cumbre overpass

  • 8:58 pm: 101 North Bound and Southbound closed right before Las Positas Off ramp. Emergency vehicles every where. 5 or 6 officers are on the North side of the overpass with flashlights shining down 8:30 pm.

  • 9:00 pm: tons of traffic on Highway 101, what's going on?

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Roger Jan 31, 2020 07:01 AM
Highway 101 Shut Down for Subject on Overpass

Here at home listening to the scanner from 5am to 9pm the calls I do hear are on the scanner reports I did not hear that one if I had I would have posted it.

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