Highway 101 Phase Construction Continues

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Highway 101 Phase Construction Continues
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The existing undercrossing (left) at South Padaro Lane will be replaced with a new bridge (draft on right). The draft design highlights options for improving sidewalks, bike lanes, lighting, and landscaping in addition to the bridge improvements.

Source: Caltrans and SBCAG

With voters' rejection of Proposition 6 on November 6th, Phase 4 of the Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals project retains $183 million in Senate Bill 1 (SB1) funds.  SB1 funds create longterm stability for transportation projects. SB1, state, and local Measure A funds will pay for widening Highway 101 from Carpinteria north through the Sheffield Drive interchange (7.5 miles). In 2019, SBCAG and Caltrans will apply for SB1 funds for Highway 101 widening in Santa Barbara and Montecito. 

The following Highway 101 corridor update reviews draft design work, funding strategies, an update on the commuter train, and overall project progress.

Design Details
The project teams are working on the design details for Carpinteria, Padaro, and Summerland. 

Hwy 101: Carpinteria (Phase 4A)
In Carpinteria, detailed design is at 95% for freeway improvements that include new bridges over Franklin and Santa Monica Creeks, updates to on and off-ramps, and four new sound walls. Design details have been approved by the City's Architectural Review Board and will go to the Planning Commission in early 2019.

Hwy 101: Padaro & Summerland (Phases 4B & C)
Initial bridge designs have begun for the County segments in Padaro and Summerland, including the South Padaro Lane Undercrossing shown below.

The details of this undercrossing design focus on:

  • keeping the overall bridge simple
  • maintaining the consistent "timber-look" safety barrier used on local bridges
  • improving bike lanes, sidewalks, and lighting 
  • maintaining overflow beach parking under the bridge
  • updating landscaping around the bridge and roadway improvements

Ongoing design work and review by local design review boards will continue into mid-2019.

Funding Update
Since voters kept our state gas taxes in place, highway widening segments in Carpinteria, Padaro and Summerland will remain fully funded

The timeline above highlights key steps to moving the widening projects forward. These include funding requests for segments in Montecito and Santa Barbara in SB1 funding cycles beginning in 2019. 

SBCAG’s funding strategy for Phase 4 is to use local Measure A funds (the ½ cent transportation sales tax approved by Santa Barbara County voters in 2008) to leverage other funds. $76 million Measure A funds were used to leverage SB1 and SHOPP funding for Phases 4A - C. Measure A funds and the region's state gas taxes will be used to leverage SB1 and other funds for Phases 4D & E. 

Peak-hour Rail
Commute-hour Pacific Surfliner rail service between Ventura County and Carpinteria/Santa Barbara/Goleta carries an average of 120 commuters a day.  This service began in April 2018 and was made possible through the efforts of SBCAG, the California State Transportation Agency, and the Pacific Surfliner Joint Powers Agency (LOSSAN). It is funded jointly by SBCAG and the State. SBCAG is also funding connecting bus service to major employment locations in Santa Barbara and Goleta.

In 2006, SBCAG and Caltrans approved 101 in Motion that was developed with local agencies, including the City of Santa Barbara, the County of Santa Barbara, and the City of Carpinteria. 101 in Motion determined that a long-term congestion relief strategy required a "Lane and a Train" solution - new carpool lanes on Highway 101 and a peak-hour commuter train. The pie chart below shows that 82% of the congestion relief strategy is made of new carpool lanes (64%) and the commuter train (18%). The remaining strategies lie in fixing freeway operations with items like ramp improvements and reducing transportation demand at peak periods through things like telecommuting or flexible work hours.

Please visit the Lane & Train Solutions webpage for more information, tickets, and train schedules.

Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals 
The Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals project includes the widening of Highway 101 to three lanes in each direction. Eight of the 16 miles in this area have been widened.  There are 4 project phases (see map below). Phase 4 is in development, Phase 3 is in construction, and Phases 1 and 2 are complete. 

Highway 101: Carpinteria to Santa Barbara (Phase 4)
Phase 4 has five segments (A - E) to speed up implementation and the opportunity to leverage state funding. See map above.

Phase 4 Key Project Components(all are part of a “fix it once” approach)

  • 10 miles of peak-hour carpool lanes northbound & southbound

  • 2 new interchanges: Cabrillo Boulevard & Sheffield Drive

  • 7 creek bridges with water flow improvements

  • On and off-ramp improvements

  • Sound-attenuating pavement

  • Safety improvements

Please visit the Phase 4 webpage to see maps of each area.

Please visit the updated www.SBROADS.com to see maps and information on all of the projects that make up the Highway 101: Santa Barbara to Mussel Shoals area.  If you have specific questions, please email the project team at [email protected].

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