Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen title=
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Source: Santa Barbara County Public Health Department

Santa Barbara County Health Officer, Dr. Henning Ansorg has issued a Health Officer Order in response to the State's new four-tiered color-coded reopening framework. Santa Barbara County is classified as Tier One, “purple” – the highest risk tier. The new framework allows for some previously closed sectors to reopen indoor services with modifications. This Order is effective today at 5 p.m. and continues until 5 p.m. on September 29, 2020, or until it is extended, rescinded, superseded, or amended in writing.

As required by the Health Officer Order the following sectors may open indoor operations with modifications and adherence to the Health Officer Order and State provided guidance located here.

  • Hair salons and barbershops
  • Malls. Indoor occupancy is limited to 25% capacity.  Common areas and food court dining areas must remain closed. Food court food facilities may remain open for off-site consumption (take-out or delivery).
  • Libraries limited to 25% occupancy capacity
  • Retail limited to 25% occupancy capacity


Additionally, the following businesses and activities must continue to keep physical locations closed:

  • In-person higher education including technical schools, colleges, universities, adult education, and trade schools.  Indoor lectures are prohibited.  Courses offered in specialized indoor settings (e.g. labs, studios, arts), whose design imposes substantial physical distancing on participants are permitted when following the Stated issued guidance.  Distance learning is allowed;

  • Parties and Receptions.  Outdoor wedding ceremonies (religious or non-religious) are permitted so long as the State guidance for Places of Worship is followed.  Indoor ceremonies are not allowed at this time.  Receptions for weddings are not allowed.

  • Rodeos and public equestrian events.

  • Organized sports and team sports including adult, amateur (non-professional) team sports, and indoor and drills, except professional sports without a live audience. (Intramural &Youth sports training and conditioning are allowed when following State guidelines.)


Gatherings are not allowed whether small or large. Gatherings are defined as an event or convening that brings together people from different households in a single room or space at the same time in any indoor or outdoor space whether public or private. Gathering exemptions include:

  • While in a work setting which is allowed while maintaining physical distancing;
  • Outdoor recreational activities while maintaining six feet distance from others. Examples include walking, cycling, jogging and hiking;
  • Congregate living situations including dormitories and homeless encampments;
  • Outdoor worship services, wedding ceremonies, outdoor cultural ceremonies or outdoor protests, when physical distancing of six feet is maintained.


More information can be found on COVID-19 and the response locally at or call 211 for further assistance.


The Public Health Department is reporting 129 new COVID-19 cases from Saturday through Monday. Of those, 228 are active cases with 43 hospitalizations including 18 in the intensive care unit (ICU).

One additional death of an individual who tested positive for COVID-19. The resident was between 30-49 years of age, had underlying health conditions, and lived in the City of Santa Maria. There have now been 93 deaths throughout the county.

More data can be found here:

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ginger1 Aug 31, 2020 05:45 PM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

So that makes no sense (for a change.) Something is either wrong with the writing of the press release or it's just more bureaucratic BS. The state moves us to tier one---high risk, but the county allows salons and barbershops to open anyway. You can get married, but only outside but you cannot have a reception, inside or out. Everything can re-open at 25% capacity except schools. Its okay for organized sports athletes to train but not play your sport, unless you're professional and then you can but without fans.

Simply amazing.

MountainMan4865 Aug 31, 2020 07:35 PM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

My money's on bureaucratic BS. No gatherings of any kind that mix households... but team sports are okay!... like football? Are they wearing masks while they tackle? Thank goodness homeless encampments are okay. Yah, none of this makes any sense.

AnActualScientist Aug 31, 2020 09:47 PM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

Its not really understandable how they determine which business can reopen in which ways.

Why are libraries allowed to reopen with 25% capacity but not cinemas? I suppose you cannot guarantee to disinfect each book frequently, so the books act as transmission vectors. In the cinema you don't have anything like that. Yet, they are closed.

Same goes for the gym. There the weights can act as the transmission vectors like the books for the libraries. However gyms usually have better air circulation, towel service and disinfectant in place. Still they are considered high risk.

Hair salons are allowed to open now without any explanation. In hair salons there is no chance to physically distance unless Dirk Nowitzki is cutting your hair with his 1.5m long arms.

Retail is also allowed to open with limited capacity. You won't be able to disinfect clothes if someone sneezes on them so easily. You won't find disinfectants in retail.

I would also be curious about the explanation why universities cannot reopen with reduced capacity, i.e. split mode. Some students stay home and follow the lectures online, others in person.

The reasoning behind which business may open and which has to stay closed is unclear. If it is based on science, there must be a logical explanation, no? Some argumentation at least? Why aren't they publishing them?

In addition to that there is the outdoor gathering policy. Outdoor gatherings are allowed as long as people maintain a specific distance. In reality this is not observed, nor enforced/controlled. No one seems to even care. No statements from politicians and policy makers. Forgot about the 100k people on Hollywood Blvd. already?

sacjon Sep 01, 2020 10:33 AM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

MOUNTAINMAN - Where do you see team sports are "OK?" It actually says they're still closed (at least non-pro). Youth and non-pro sport competition is banned. Only thing they can do is small group, non-contact drills. No one is tackling anyone, just running. Even baseball, a sport which by its nature relies on social distancing (bases are 60-90 feet apart), is shut down, only allowed to do basic skills training and hitting, no games or even scrimmages.

ginger1 Aug 31, 2020 08:26 PM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

Dr. Sorgan announced later in the day new rules for gatherings. Outdoor gathering are allowed for groups less than 20 people, unless some of the group are from the same household in which case the allowed number is 30. If the wind is out of the south (on shore) at greater than 10mph, the number allowed is 50 but social distancing is increased to 14 ft.

Indoor gatherings are allowed for groups up to 18 people if there is adequate air circulation (min 30CFM) but only if the HVAC system is so certified.

Okay---I made that stuff up. But this is real: Tennis play is allowed outdoors for singles games as long as one player does not handle the other player's balls. Doubles play is allowed only if the team members are from the same household. Seriously.

Crystalandmaui Sep 01, 2020 01:50 PM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

They can open because you have to wear a mask at all times. Gyms can not because they won’t wear a mask working out and they will sweat and a lot of heavy Breathing, I guess if you didn’t eat or drink in the theater and kept your mask on and cleaned your hands before going in ‘ what’s the difference then going inside a mall? But people just won’t do what they asked to do. Bummer. So they put all of us at risk. I guess we wait till next year or how ever long it takes for this to end.

a-1599065373 Sep 02, 2020 09:49 AM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

Crystlmaui, Ever think that local people locked down in the four walls of a tiny apartments want a change of scene outdoors? Parks are getting a lot more use (and abuse) during the week too, so doubt if those are out of towners. But what is with the proliferation of boom boxes and vaping? That is aggressive overuse of a public park since both activities intrude without permission on the quiet enjoyment of others. (Vaping not allowed in public spaces in SB, but who is going to enforce this?)

Crystalandmaui Sep 01, 2020 01:58 PM
Health Officer Officially Allows Hair Salons & Barbershops to Reopen

Summerland beach , look out park is always packed now. Large gatherings on park. No where to park. It was never like this till this year. You tell people no large gatherings, and whamo it happens all the more. We'll see if the park security enforces the no sitting on beach or picnics this time , they never do .
I have to wonder how this beach became so popular this year and the people there are not Summerland people. I guess I’m complaining because now I can’t go to my own area because it’s over crowded.

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