Healing Justice Santa Barbara Puts Out Call for Black/African-American Artists

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Source: Healing Justice Santa Barbara

Healing Justice Santa Barbara (HJSB)​ strives to bring together the Black/African American community by providing a new platform for organizations and individuals to showcase all that the Black/African-American diaspora has to offer. The “Black is Beautiful” virtual showcase is an opportunity for cultural and artistic expression as well as educational and self-care programming.

Santa Barbara’s first “Black Is Beautiful” showcase, a virtual celebration of Black History Month in February 2021, will highlight the beauty of the Black/African-American community on a large scale.

Leticia Forney, co-organizer of Healing Justice Santa Barbara and Director of HJSB’s “Black Is Beautiful” and event coordinators aim to “provide opportunities to share Black/African-American culture and joy for collective healing.”

Healing Justice seeks to uplift diverse individuals across the African and Black American diaspora — all ages, incomes, LGBTQIA+, multi/biracial identifying, system-impacted, and those with disabilities — through all forms of artistic performance.

Black/African-America individuals and/or artistic groups both locally and nationally are welcome to submit their pre-recorded pieces. Black Student Unions and students from Historically Black Colleges and Universities are highly encouraged to apply.

Performances and talents may include dance, spoken word, street art, visual arts, comedy skits, music, and other performing arts.

Interested participants should submit videos of their piece/performance for review by Friday, January 22, 2021, at ​hjsb.org/bibsubmit.​ ​Participants will be notified by the event committee if their submission is chosen.

Submission Guidelines and Considerations:

●  Videos should be approximately 5-10 minutes in length

●  Must be submitted in a .mp4 video file format

●  Up to three (3) video submissions may be submitted per individual or group

●  Participants are asked to record videos with minimal background noise and proper lighting, to the best of their ability

Black Student Unions (BSUs), non-school affiliated groups, and individuals may submit up to three (3) videos. Links to supporting videos and/or existing portfolios are also encouraged.

There is no minimum age to participate in the Black is Beautiful virtual showcase. However, guardian waivers will be required from any artists ​under 18 years of age​, if selected. Participation waivers will be required of ​all​ artists.

For questions, contact Leticia Forney, co-organizer of Healing Justice Santa Barbara and Director of HJSB’s “Black Is Beautiful” showcase at ​Healingjusticesb@Protonmail.com​.

About Healing Justice Santa Barbara

Healing Justice SB is a Black-led and Black centered organizing collective in Santa Barbara County. Formed in response to the destabilizing impacts of racism and anti-blackness, Healing Justice SB aspires to build resilient communities for the African diaspora and other marginalized people along the Central Coast. The collective understands that collective healing and liberation is essential to creating a more equitable Santa Barbara; therefore they center, uplift, and meaningfully create space that empowers ALL Black people including Black LGBTQ+ people, Black people with disabilities, undocumented Black people, underserved Black people and Black people that speak in African American Vernacular English. In keeping with the principles of a healing justice framework, Healing Justice SB demands that self-care be reimagined as a collective investment in community care. The collective’s goals include providing a Black/African-American Cultural Resource Center, celebrating and funding the Arts, Public Safety, Support for Our Youth in Education, Environmental Justice and Sustainability, Outreach, and Meaningful Collaborations. More information is available at ​hjsb.org​ ​or @healing_Justice_sb​ ​on social media platforms.

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