Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp title=
Homeless camp before the cleanup (Photos by Harry Rabin, On the Wave Production)
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By Heal the Ocean (HTO)

HTO Field Advisor Harry Rabin coordinated a massive cleanup of an abandoned homeless encampment in Los Padres National Forest that took place on two days, June 13 and 23, 2022. A group of community volunteers who live in the surrounding area worked with Harry and Andrew Velikanje of Earthcomb to remove 6.81 tons of trash within the forest.

Trash collected included everything from mattresses, appliances, and furniture to large amounts of cardboard, plastics, and wood pieces. Volunteers filled two large trash roll-off dumpsters in just two days. Thank you, MarBorg Industries, for quickly delivering the roll-offs to the site to help us clean up this source of environmental harm.

And big thanks to Harry and Andrew - and the Los Padres community members for working so hard to keep our environment clean and safe!

Before the cleanup

The site after 6.81 tons of trash was removed. (Photos by Harry Rabin, On the Wave Production_

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Stray Jun 30, 2022 07:26 AM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

California has road side signs that say "$1,000 fine for littering." But if someone camps beside their litter near the freeway, that violation is apparently forgiven. In fact, litter accumulates to an even greater degree. Then good-hearted souls volunteer to remove the litter and the campers move to a new area. I don't understand why this problem can never be resolved.

KKSYV Jun 29, 2022 02:35 PM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

We need to acknowledge that bike paths in California are always going to be prime homeless encampments. Every single bike path by a river in California is infested with encampments filled with trash, needles human waste. And it isn’t limited to California. Austin Texas has massive problem. But just go on YouTube and search for LA or Orange County river homeless camps and you’ll see. They lead to fires and toxic pollution of the freshwater that is used for wells and our food supply. And yes it ultimately can drain to the sea. Thank you to the non profit for Doug. This but it really put to be done by the County and the state who encourages more and more homeless to come to California vs most other states.

CoastWatch Jun 29, 2022 03:21 PM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

@KKSYV It's a sad state of affairs in this country, particularly in California, when we need more bike paths and access to bike only roads, that they have become "free rein" for the vagrants and drug abusers... I just came back from Western Europe where bike paths are the norm and heavily used- ZERO vagrants and drug addicts. They have FORCED rehab... We can thank the ACLU for much of our vagrant issues.

JoeSixPack Jun 29, 2022 11:11 AM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

This effort (on Stagecoach road) was all envisioned, organized, and conducted by the residents of Stagecoach Rd. & Paradise Canyon.
A big thank you to Heal the Ocean for funding the cost of the roll-off dumpsters...

Olde Mann Jun 29, 2022 07:44 AM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

Santa Barbara County has a massive workforce and should clean up all the homeless camps without delay. This shouldn't be left for volunteer groups to do. What do they spend our tax dollars on?
Hotel rooms for vagrants?

fitz Jun 28, 2022 09:07 PM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

Noticed today as I drove through SB on the 101 that Caltrans was cutting down lots of foliage. I know it is an effort to get rid of homeless hiding spots. But I thought what a shame, that the very lush freeway easements in our area have to be decimated to keep the city from burning down. I felt weary to see it being done. How can the homeless dictate what our community is going to look like to the passing motorists. What is wrong here. Please, Randy, do something.

CoastWatch Jun 28, 2022 04:47 PM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

There are many "Grow Camps" that are in our Los Padres backcountry, especially near the New Cuyama area... Most are supported by Mexican cartels that use gnarly chemicals and pesticides to keep deer and other wildlife out of the grows as well as dangerous fertilizers that are not sold here in the U.S. The pesticides are so poisonous, that rangers, hikers and those cleaning up the damage caused, need to be vigilant about decontaminating their boots and clothing...

Chip of SB Jun 28, 2022 01:48 PM
Heal the Ocean Cleans Abandoned Forest Homeless Camp

It’s great to see these “camps” cleaned up. We need to help the people who inhabited them clean up by as well by starting them on treatment programs for drug addiction. It’s a long and challenging path, but I believe that we could successfully transition many of these poor souls back to a healthy and productive life in recovery.

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