Hazardous Household Waste Curbside Pick-up

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Source: County of Santa Barbara

Hazardous household waste from properties damaged and destroyed in the 1/9 Debris Flow will be collected the week of April 16-20. This one-week event is provided by the County through a contract with Clean Harbors and is free to residents with homes or other structures that sustained major damage or were destroyed. This event is not intended for properties that were affected by mud and debris but sustained no structural damage, or for structures with only minor damage. Eligible properties are identified by red and yellow icons on the interactive map. Residents can consult the County’s interactive map in order to verify if their property is included.

Residents in the 1/9 Debris Flow area may place any household hazardous waste items out at the curbside at the beginning of the collection week to assure their safe removal.  All items should be placed in cardboard boxes or other similar containers (less than 5 gallons) where they are visible from street but do not block the street or driveway access to the property.  Residents should not put out items for pick up prior to April 16.

In the first few weeks after the 1/9 Debris Flow, Hazardous Material Specialists from the Public Health Department gathered more than 10,000 pound of hazardous waste at no cost to homeowners. This waste was removed separately from other waste and debris to protect the health of residents and the environment. During the clean-up process residents may have located additional hazardous waste.  The April 16 – 20curbside pick-up offers an opportunity to dispose of this material in a safe and efficient manner.

Household hazardous wastes are items that pose a threat to public health, animals or the environment.  These include chemicals that are ignitable, toxic, corrosive and reactive such as pool chemicals, car batteries, antifreeze, used oil filters, solvents, fertilizers, pesticides, propane tanks, disinfectants, aerosols, paint and bleach.

Residents are asked to not place the following items out for pick up: Containers of any hazardous wastes larger than 5 gallons, explosives, ammunition, radioactive materials, DEA controlled substances, smoke alarms/detectors, or compressed gas cylinders (other than BBQ-type propane cylinders), appliances or electronic waste, such as TVs, computer monitors, computer consoles/CPUs or cell phones. These items must be properly managed and disposed of by homeowners or their contractors. More information regarding these and other waste items can be found at www.LessIsMore.org/ewaste.

This April 16 – 20 hazardous waste curbside pick-up program is a one-time event and is only for property owners who sustained major damage or destruction in the 1/9 Debris Flow area. After this event, proper disposal of all remaining hazardous waste will be the responsibility of the property owner.  Household hazardous waste cannot be included in debris for disposal at county landfills. 

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