Habitat for Humanity Replaces Worry with Hope for Local Carpinteria Senior

Source: Habitat for Humanity Southern Santa Barbara County

Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara County (Habitat Santa Barbara) is making critical home repairs that let many older homeowners stay secure in their homes and age safely in them – also known as “aging in place”. This work became especially important during the pandemic as so many individuals and families have had to stay home, highlighting more than ever that home is a haven for health.

Habitat Santa Barbara realized that while people must stay home to stay safe – their own home may need repairs critical to their wellbeing. For Carpinteria senior Lori Ann Graham, getting safety upgrades for her manufactured home has been an unexpected gift. Over the years, her home had become dangerous—a large hole had opened in the bathroom floor. Habitat Santa Barbara completed a variety of repairs at her property—both internally and externally- adding to the long-term safety and preservation of her home. “ I walk outside early every morning with my first cup of coffee, and to this day I still can’t believe this happened. Never does a day go by that the kindness and generosity of Habitat go unappreciated.” said Lori Ann Graham.

Habitat Santa Barbara’s home repair program helps individuals as well as the community. Jessica WIshan, CEO of Habitat Santa Barbara shares “Home preservation maintains the existing stock of affordable housing in Santa Barbara, where the cost of living is nearly double the national average. Behind the façade of prosperity, many struggle to afford basic needs.”

A safe and healthy home affects many facets of a person or family’s health. This includes housing stability, housing quality, sanitation, and accessibility—all of which impact a person’s ability to age safely in their home as their needs may change. More than ever, home plays a central role in education, work, family life, and so much more.

Now celebrating 20 years, Habitat Santa Barbara has helped people build stability and realize their potential. We have put 22 families in new houses and repaired over 150 residences from Goleta to Carpinteria. We’ve worked through the pandemic to
fix properties and keep people safe.

For Lori Ann, repairs such as paint, fencing, and flooring made a difference in her life. As she wrote in a thank you note to Habitat Santa Barbara, “You have given me so much more than you know— you’ve replaced worry with peace.”

Contact: Elizabeth Baker
Habitat for Humanity of Southern Santa Barbara County (805) 570-8777 or elizabeth@sbhabitat.org

Preserving a home is a one-time investment that can last a lifetime. For those interested in supporting Habitat Santa Barbara continue this mission visit www.sbhabitat.org or call (805) 692-2226. 


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