Gun Shots on E. Valley Lane?

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By an edhat reader

About 30 minutes ago I heard three gunshots in the 2700 block of E Valley and Ladera Lanes and now a helicopter has been circling. Any reposts?

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D W Oct 17, 2020 08:19 AM
Gun Shots on E. Valley Lane?

Edison is using helicopters in the area for inspection and maintenance. One of the helicopters even has a door open with a guy in an orange suit that looks like he is partly hanging outside the copter.

Line fusing is sometimes done with charges, though it’s unlikely here. In addition failed fuses on high voltage lines loudness like gun shots.

Also, some people with guns, shoot them.

SB_TAHOE Oct 17, 2020 10:35 AM
Gun Shots on E. Valley Lane?

SCE power line evaluation by helicopter doesn't occur at 10 pm on Friday night. Also, people with guns are not allowed to shoot them in residential areas so the OP has a right to be concerned.

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