Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

A gun incident took place earlier today in the first block of E. Montecito Street involving a business owner and a transient

I got an eyewitness account from the business owner who stopped by this evening and told me what happened. He tells me that he has a lot of problems with the homeless. Every day they enter his business and shoplift. They steal things off his property and use them in their camps and they use the bushes around the business as their bathroom. Mark, the owner of the business, has had problems there for many years.

Today the problems almost became deadly as he had to pull out a firearm to protect himself. The transient was yelling in front of the business, Santa Barbara Koi in the first block of East Montecito Street. Mark went outside to ask the male to quiet down. The subject yelled that the business was his property and told Mark to leave as he walked toward the door holding a large rock over his head, he kept yelling "This is my property!" Mark grabbed a nearby baseball bat for protection and the subject kept coming so Mark got his gun which was fully loaded and aimed it at the subject who was now yelling "I'm going to kill you!" and still coming at Mark with the rock over his head.

By this time Mark called 911, and was telling the dispatcher what was happening, Santa Barbara P.D. was responding Code 3 (lights and sirens) to the incident. They knew the business owner was armed and pointing a loaded firearm at the aggressor, there was no time to waste and they got there quick as usual when there is an emergency.

The transient heard the sirens, dropped the rock and left the scene. Mark had been asked to put the gun away and did so only after the subject had left. The suspect was taken into custody without incident, about a block away. He was arrested for 422pc Criminal Threats, and Assault with a Deadly Weapon 245pc of the California State Penal Code.

Mark is grateful the police responded quickly and he did not have to kill a man today, he only wants to know one thing,"What the Mayor and City Council is going to do to protect the citizens of our fine city from these Criminals?"

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Sail380 Jun 12, 2021 11:00 AM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

SACJON Take off the welding helmet and see the light. This was a second amendment issue because Unless Mark is a prohibited person he has the right to possess a firearm and defend himself . He didn't go for the gun immediately. He tried to deescalate the situation verbally, by retreating, showing a less lethal weapon( a bat) and as a last resort a firearm. Without a last resort it would be a different story. With a defunded police it would more than likely be a different story.

Rypert Johnson Jun 11, 2021 12:04 PM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

People, please, enough with the excuses already! Enough already! Stop making excuses. Stop treating these individuals like the salt of the earth!
The most used excuse is mental illness. Sorry folks, that only makes up a fraction of that population, the studies are there to support that fact.
Stop blaming income inequality, childhood trauma, rising house and real estate prices, and covid. The vast majority of these individuals didn't just instantly "lose their homes due to any of those things. They found a new religion either called meth or heroin and that became their world and what better place to worship that god than in filth and squalor. Sorry people, you're getting taken for a ride. You're being mocked.

a-1623440415 Jun 11, 2021 12:40 PM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

I think until you experience or view, how fast a person can get addicted, or feel it coming on and getting into difficulties, taking a physician-prescribed bottle of opioid material for extreme pain, that you should not throw stones concerning an addiction. It is whip-fast shocking and doesn't take the whole bottle.

Babycakes Jun 11, 2021 12:49 PM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

So sorry to hear that Mark has to go through this on a daily basis. How sad it would be to take another person's life. My advice to anyone who hears the words "I'm going to kill you" is to take it seriously. IF you can get away, do it; if you can't get away and you are holding a firearm....give it to 'em right between the eyes. That way, you get to go home to your loved ones, and the aggressor is most likely in a better place. 5h%t happens. When it's brought to your door and you life is at stake, know what to do, then go home and hug your babies.

localSBtown Jun 11, 2021 02:50 PM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

We support you Mark and are thankful that you and your wife and workers are safe now. I've been assaulted several times now in the last year by vagrants, the last time led to a Code 3 response by police and felony assault charges and conviction. I'd definitely recommend pressing charges so that this individual has to go through a court case to defend his actions. My most recent altercation led to mandatory AA classes and a court ordered stay away order from my person, place of work, and car which ultimately is not much, but it gives me more options to protect myself and colleagues if I ever see him again. Will be looking to purchase more firearms to keep nearby as this continues to escalate.

Channelfog Jun 12, 2021 09:30 AM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

Oh!, and prosecute ALL shoplifting offenses!!!!! Allowing theft is Socially demoralizing. Why have a biz and go to work if people can legally steal from you? Government abdicated!

Byzantium Jun 12, 2021 11:17 AM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

ChannelFog: Reagan did not close state care institutions down. ACLU closed them down and Reagan was forced to carry out the court order. Decades of later Democrat super-majorities in this state did nothing to bring them back, in face of a clear, growing and immediate need, refused to revisit the Lantermen-Petris Act allowing greater flexibility in psychiatric lockdowns, and too many still continue to believe One Flew Over the CooCoo's Nest was a documentary. This is now major election litmus test -(1) we know the need, (2) we have the money, and (3) we now have the collective will to fix this huge gap in public policy.

Channelfog Jun 13, 2021 04:03 AM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

Yes the ACLU has taken some extreme(ly stupid) positions. It is ironic that while capable of holding 5-7 thousand inmates, it housed fewer than 900 at closing. Both population and need increased, but funding lacked. Election litmus test? That would be wonderful, but I'm not holding my breath.

john805 Jun 12, 2021 03:08 PM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

My wife and I have known Mark and his wife, Jill, for 35 years and we can wholeheartedly vouch for their integrity and upstanding character as assets to the Santa Barbara community. Over the years they, through their SB Koi business, have provided gainful employment and related on-the-job training to hundreds of people whom they treat like members of their own family. They provide health care benefits, excellent salaries and heart-felt compassion for each of their employees.

Mark has a right to defend himself, his family and his property when threatened with serious injury and possible death, as do each and every one of us.

A few years before the pandemic we were vacationing in Seattle and were absolutely shocked at the huge and aggressive transient population that was there. We walked from our downtown hotel to the Space Needle and were verbally assaulted during our walk and had to cross the street numerous time to avoid running into groups of transients. On our way back to the hotel we were again verbally assaulted after we refused to provide eye contact or money to a vagrant panhandler who then chased us while screaming at the top of his lungs. Luckily we were able to outrun him. Due to those incidents we haven’t been back to Seattle since and we will think twice before we do so again.

Unfortunately, Santa Barbara and Goleta are quickly becoming like Seattle in that regard. Our elected representatives must do something before more tourists and their dollars go elsewhere too.

Crystalandmaui Jun 13, 2021 10:49 AM
Gun Incident on East Montecito Street

Yes I see many more tents around everywhere. And yes they steal stuff from stores or from cars, yards.
Oh and yes a lot of them are addicted to something, because a normal person wouldn’t choose a tent or box to live in.
Yep some are bipolar schizophrenia, but they don’t think they are, so they refuse help and medication but should in a place to take care of them, do these places exist? Sorry I don’t agree in making cheap housing for the homeless, most of them could not take care of it.
And the addicted people need a drug rehab, but they won’t go, so I guess being arrested and forced into one is the answer.
It’s so easy to say just give them a home , change the city for the homeless, ya right, that’s not the answer, that’s only empty words from people who feel the need to say something.
Start arresting these people and maybe a change will come, you give a prize for doing something wrong.
And yes rents are out of control and house prices, so now what?
Obviously alot of people refinanced last year and now want the renters to pay for their loans. So out of control


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