Grand Jury Investigates City of Guadalupe Finances

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Source: Santa Barbara County Grand Jury

The 2017-18 Santa Barbara County Grand Jury received a request to investigate the fiscal condition of the City of Guadalupe.

In previous years, the Jury has found deficiencies in the City’s fiscal management.  In May 2003 the Jury found that the City had “...declining budgetary resources.”  In June 2006 the Jury noted that “...little if anything had changed.”  The 2014-15 Jury found many fiscal management problems in Guadalupe and recommended that it disincorporate.  The present investigation provides an updated analysis of Guadalupe’s fiscal performance over the past four years in response to the request.

The Jury found that Guadalupe’s fiscal performance has improved modestly.

Read the full report below.

The form and timeframe of the agencies’ responses are required by California Penal Code §933 and §933.05.  All Grand Jury reports and responses are posted on the Jury’s website (

The Santa Barbara County Grand Jury is a basic part of government within the judicial branch.  The Grand Jury acts independently, yet is under the general control of the Superior Court Presiding Judge to assure that it acts in accordance with the Penal Code of the State of California.


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