Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements title=
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements
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Governor Gavin Newsom at a previous press conference (Photo: Office of Governor)

By edhat staff

Governor Gavin Newsom announced new criteria to reopen local economies, essentially easing the requirements for California counties who want to open faster than the state.

During a press conference Monday, Newsom stated all but five of the state's 58 counties would be eligible to move deeper into Phase 2 lessening some of the stay-at-home restrictions, though not all counties may choose to do so. Although he would not identify the five counties that don't qualify, he stressed this is a rough estimate and the number may change due to the dynamic nature of the virus.

“The bottom line is people can go at their own pace, and we are empowering our local health directors and county officials who understand their local communities and conditions better than anyone,” Newsom said.

The updated criteria states counties must show their hospitalization and intensive care unit (ICU) rates remain stable and the number of COVID-19 patients has not increased by more than 5% over the past seven days on average. Smaller counties must not have had more than 20 patients on any given day for at least two weeks.

Counties must also meet one of two other requirements: fewer than 25 cases per 100,000 residents for at least 14 days, or the rate of positive tests has dropped below 8%.

The rest of the requirements are the same as what was announced on May 7. Counties must be able to meet contact tracing requirements, testing capacity, hospitalization surge capacity, and follow new guidance on how to connect with skilled nursing facilities to protect patients and employees. Additionally, if there is a spike in COVID-19 cases the county must have a plan to reinstate part of the stay-at-home orders and be prepared to meet the clinical needs of residents.

If approved, counties would be allowed to move ahead of the state within Phase 2 by permitting in-store shopping, dining in restaurants, and reopening schools, as long as modifications and guidelines are met. Last week 24 counties were granted permission to move forward, the majority located in less populated northern sections of the state.

Counties that have already moved into Stage 2

Over the last two weeks, the state has seen a 7.5% decline in hospitalizations and an 8.7% decline in the number of ICU patients statewide.

If California holds the rate of transmissions and continues to see a steady decline in hospitalizations, haircuts, faith-based services, and sporting events without spectators could be just a few weeks away, with modifications of course.

"The only thing that will set us back is moving too quickly and no longer practicing social distancing," said Newsom.

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Lorax May 19, 2020 09:41 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Finally, the Gov listened to the people! Probably would have sooner if it was not an election year.
Both parties have used this pandemic as a political football to further their agendas will all the overreaching restrictions that have created a huge distraction of wealth.
Must have had a wake up call when Elon Musk threatened to pull out of Ca and resumed operations in spite of lock down. All three counties, Ventura, SB & SlO have made a united front in getting his attention and removing the prison in the reported numbers to meet the metrics. Good job public , keep up the distancing and mask compliance. Santa Barbara Health Dept you rock! Our local leaders are in step with us to keep moving forward. We are fortunate to live in a get things done, collaborative community. some Good news , the City Council Just voted late today to allow temporary closure of certain blocks of State Street! This will help the restaurants expand their outside seating capacity onto sidewalks to comply with the 6 ft requirement for seating . This will also to encourage people to come down town where they can walk and enjoy State Street without fear of cars or bicyclists running into them

a-1589858730 May 18, 2020 08:25 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Hydroxychloroquine is no big deal for us rhuemy patients. It works well as a disease prevention and prevents diseases to attack your organs. Idk about for covid but basically it’s a very slow acting med. what ppl don’t realize is it actually takes 4 months to feel a difference if it’s working for autoimmune diseases. It takes a full year to get the full benefits of the drug. It slowly changes how your immune system works and can keeps it from attacking itself. It would be my theory that IF it worked for covid it would work as a disease preventative or more likely a less severe form of covid if you did get it bc it helps your body not to attack the organs. The only bad thing about this drug is it can cause blindness in very rare circumstances which is why you have to see an ophthalmologist every year to make sure your not developing a dye in the back of your eyes. It can be reversed but needs to be caught early. Again very rare. This drug is truly life changing for mild autoimmune patients.

420722 May 18, 2020 05:49 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

I’m hearing the prison numbers are going to be removed from our count. We also no longer have the 2 week no death requirement. It’s go time.

macpuzl May 18, 2020 05:49 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Hydroxychloroquine with or without azitromicin makes things worse for COVID-19. ========================================================================

macpuzl May 18, 2020 05:53 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Hydroxychloroquine's serious side effects: ======================================================================

Robert247 May 18, 2020 05:28 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

More likely Newsom started listening to the various counties that were complaining that the original guidelines to reopen might possibly never be met and thus were unrealistic. Finally some sense being made instead of arbitrary draconian restrictions as a one size fits all approach. This is the first good move by Newsom thus far and had nothing to do with Trump, but everything to do with the people of CA needing to get back to work sooner, rather than later.

a-1589850683 May 18, 2020 06:11 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Robert: After reading your comment, I am incluned to believe you are correct. Unfortunately, our governor is reportedly now being referred to as the "Cave" man by the usual suspects. My neighbor tells me across the fence that Fed money will start flowing because certain "demands" were met by Gavin. I hope that is not true.

a-1589905950 May 19, 2020 09:32 AM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

9:11 - I completely understand your frustrations! Those PTs should be ashamed. They are the reason all the rest of us are unable to do the things we want to do sooner. You should publish their names so anyone associated with them will know to avoid them and those they work with. It's for their own safety. If I had ties to someone that was throwing parties and not distancing, I'd want to know it so I could avoid them. We all have the right to be safe and healthy, despite others' "rights" to throw parties.

a-1589904695 May 19, 2020 09:11 AM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

That concerns me about SB City. I mean 1 case per day is still a very small number considering our population but I happen to know of 2 PT's who are and have still been seeing clients under the radar. - and having parties at their home. AND - they came from out of state [a state with very high numbers] about a few weeks ago and never self quarantined. I can't help but wonder - if any of them are asymptomatic they spread it, then that person spreads it and so on - and each time it's another 2 weeks. Why are people so selfish and irresponsible? Here I am doing everything I can to protect myself and others and ppl like this come around and mess it up.

letmego May 19, 2020 08:47 AM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Or, maybe, he is using common sense? It doesn't really make sense to paint the whole state with the Los Angeles brush, for example. Likewise, it doesn't make too much sense to paint all of SB with the SB county brush. I am all for an abundance of caution - and that's what we have had. We can slowly reopen certain counties - while continuing use of masks, and social distancing, and case tracing -to limit the spread. We were never going to be able to be shut down forever. I've been keeping a spreadsheet. Goleta and Montecito/Carp have very few cases. SB city has been increasing at an average of 1 case per day for the last 17 days.

a-1589905808 May 19, 2020 09:30 AM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

@9:05am. Is reading that hard for you. Unlike the FDA, European regulators refuse to clear chloroquine ... France ran a small trial. A French study shows it doesn't help. The popular faith in hydroxychloroquine stands in stark contrast to the weakness of the data. Several studies of its efficacy against COVID-19 have delivered an equivocal or negative verdict. Are you believing FOX and Youtube again?

a-1589904349 May 19, 2020 09:05 AM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

Now what are you talking about? HCQ was first used in FRANCE by FRENCH DOCTORS and is in fact being used in Europe. Seriously where do you get your facts from b/c they aren't the facts!!! In fact France is still using it.

a-1589876218 May 19, 2020 01:16 AM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

@4:27 Wow you are naive. A lot of unnecessary prescribing goes on in the world. Like with antibiotics. Some patients are probably so annoying and pushy Drs just want to shut them up. It’s the new thing so I have to have it crap.
What reputable president would constantly lie to the American people? Oh yeah the one we have now.

a-1589865726 May 18, 2020 10:22 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

No the FDA does NOT know more than some doctors. There are many drugs approved in other countries that do wonders that aren't allowed here for a variety of reasons, some political. Many doctors over the years have complained about not being able to use some drugs off label that have been proven to work in other countries. So yea, I wouldn't cite the FDA as a source here.

a-1589865635 May 18, 2020 10:20 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

The FDA, lol!! You realize that there are many drugs used in other countries with good success that aren't allowed here? If you think the FDA isn't political and/or subject to $$ interests I've got a bridge to sell you.

GeneralTree May 18, 2020 05:40 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

05:35 PM Yep there is efficacy for using the drug for Lupus, some forms of rheumatoid arthritis. You said your lover was in the Navy so I assumed malaria. Look up efficacy. Studies were done to prove that it actually worked in those instances. There is zero proof that hydroxychloroquine fights Covid-19 or prevents it. Zero. No matter how much you want it to be true, it is not. The FDA didn't allow the use of the drug for COVID until Trump ok'd it for emergency testing. Grow up.

a-1589848450 May 18, 2020 05:34 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

@5:29, Cool your jets turbo. I would say the FDA and the experts who have studied the effectiveness of hydroxychloroquine and tell us there is NO efficacy in treating or preventing COVID-19 do know more about the drug than your father-in-law's doctor. I am glad he recovered. We lost a loved one to the virus and had a friend's child who was hospitalized for several weeks. So defend your beloved sheep herder all you'd like, but the experts disagree.

a-1589848170 May 18, 2020 05:29 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

I'm glad you think you know more than my friend's father in law's doctor. This was right towards the beginning I'm not even sure Trump had even mentioned HCQ - not HCL, typo - and he was fading fast and they thought he was going to die. It may be anecdotal - but he recovered once they finally decided to give it a try as nothing else was working. There are plenty of similar stories. If you don't want to take it then don't but th doctor who treated this man thinks the HCQ helped. It's not a cure but if it can address symptoms and/or block virus and save someone's life then it should be available.

a-1589847021 May 18, 2020 05:10 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

4:40 PM While I am glad to hear about your relative - I can't imagine someone taking it for COVID at this point in time and no sound physician would prescribe it now for this virus. Your friend's father in law would have recovered anyway. One study was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. It follows a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine that also showed the drug doesn't fight the virus. Even before these reports were published, the FDA and the National Institutes of Health issued warnings about using the drug for coronavirus patients. No evidence of clinical efficacy of hydroxychloroquine in patients hospitalized for COVID-19 infection. So the President taking the drug -- means he's a complete moron. Your sailor friend took it for Malaria.

a-1589845219 May 18, 2020 04:40 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

What the hell are you talking about? A friend's father in law caught this and was in bad shape they finally gave him HCL and he recovered. It's not for everyone - but it has worked. Just b/c Trump mentioned it you hate the drug? Weird, when it could help people's symptoms. HCL has been taken as a preventative for malaria for YEARS - my friend took it when he sailed around the world. Seriously get a grip.

a-1589843652 May 18, 2020 04:14 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

That is not true [fake]. He is not self-dosing - you cannot do that - it's a prescription medication. A WH doctor recommended he take it preventatively. So please get your facts straight before you state falsehoods.

a-1589842671 May 18, 2020 03:57 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

This is great news! Fingers crossed that we start to lift restrictions here, and Lompoc didn't mess up the statistics for our County, and that as we lift restrictions people wear their masks and wash their hands and our numbers stay low.

a-1589842593 May 18, 2020 03:56 PM
Governor Newsom Eases Reopening Requirements

I'm high risk and will wait a bit to see what happens before I venture out again. While I recognize the importance of the economy, I won't be patronizing any businesses in person if I'm sick or dead.


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