Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations title=
Governor Gavin Newsom (courtesy photo)
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By edhat staff

Governor Newsom has enacted a new statewide stay-at-home order when regional areas experience low levels of hospital capacity. 

Residents will be required to stay home for three weeks when the hospital's intensive care units (ICUs) reach below 15% capacity. 

Currently, no area of California meets this requirement but Newsom stated the state's health team projects many areas could reach the threshold by the end of the week with the majority shutting down this month.

"If we don't act now, our hospital system will be overwhelmed," said Newsom during a virtual press conference on Thursday.

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) is dividing the state into five regions. San Luis Obispo, Santa Barbara, and Ventura counties all fall within the "Southern California" region. State health officials are expecting this region to hit the ICU threshold this week prompting a lockdown.

The lockdown would occur for three weeks, similar to lockdown orders in March. Bars, wineries, salons, and personal services would close. Restaurants would be required to close their on-site dining and could only serve takeout or delivery. 

Schools, however, would be allowed to stay open if they previously received a waiver. Retail would be reduced to 20% capacity and critical infrastructure would be allowed to remain open.

The other regions include the Bay Area, Greater Sacramento, San Joaquin Valley, and Northern California.

"The five regions that we have highlighted, most of these, four out of the five, we anticipate as early as the next day or two... will have reached that 15% or less ICU capacity," said Newsom.

This is a developing story.

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ZeroHawk Dec 07, 2020 10:11 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

WAIT A MINUTE...are you all REALLY arguing over a lockdown? Let's make it simple. Capitolism isn't a priority when a quarter of a million people have died from this virus. Some whine about wearing a mask or social distancing or lockdowns. Your alternative is, catch the virus and/or spread the virus. Both end up with tragic results. Stop acting like this is fake and stop acting like you're impervious to catching it. Economies fall and rise, people fall and do not rise.

Voice of Reason Dec 07, 2020 10:18 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Zero, if outdoor dining was a covid vector that would be one thing, but it isn't. They have the data to support this. At this point in the pandemic we have the information to combat the virus strategically, and any measures that will prevent so many people from receiving a paycheck, people who are already living paycheck to paycheck, need to be well founded. This isn't. It isn't following the science, but that doesn't matter to Newsom either; "science" has said emphatically that schools are the safest place kids can be. But our schools remain closed, so that is a good indicator how important "science" is to our governor.

SBLetsGetAlong Dec 05, 2020 09:04 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

How are us “commoners” supposed to take the latest region wide shutdowns seriously when the “leaders” constantly throughout this ordeal get caught violating their own orders?
It seems our leaders have not been concerned about the virus, they don’t take their own lockdown orders seriously and they’re the ones “in the know” with the “latest” data.
So since they are not concerned why are we?
Everyone here who voted for a lockdown, how many of you have young children being zoom schooled?
How many of you sit by your child all day to ensure they’re on their zooms paying attention, answering questions because the teacher is non responsive?
How many of you are trying to work while zoom schooling?
How many of you have a job that is at risk? How many of you are being told you’re going to loose your job, again
How many of you stay home and never go out and about for “non essential” trips.

If I see you on a sidewalk “getting fresh air” and you complain, my response is stay home, open your windows for fresh air. If you are truly that concerned, protect yourself and stay home.
Stop spreading fear and hatred. 0.03% of SB has died from Covid.
138 people out of 400,000.
For over 99% of the population we have bigger concerns like, the seasonal flu, suicides, child abuse, increased suicide rates, increased crime rates, emotional trauma, loss of businesses, jobs, loss of homes, financial ability to provide for families.

The “cure” is worse than the disease. These lockdowns have no end in sight. 9 months ago the lockdown was only for a ‘couple weeks to flatten the curve”.
9 months later here are more lockdowns. Lockdowns were never lifted.

For a minority of the population that can self isolate the world stopped living. That’s incredibly selfish of you, the minority.

Because of the minority children are suffering socially, emotionally, academically. Thousands of people are unemployed to will be unemployed again. Hundreds of businesses have closed their doors.

0.03% of SB has died from Covid. 138 people.
Despite all the holidays, and the thousands of out of town people that have been hiding here in VRBOs.

If you are concerned about a 99% chance of not dying, stay home.

So why are we now lumped with LA & San Diego? Seriously! And you all were concerned about the prison months ago. Now you all roll over to this?

Anyone here complaining and in favor of lockdowns, stay home.
In the meantime I have to provide for my family and educate my children.
I personally am not concerned about getting Covid after reading all the medical reports and statistics.
I am more concerned about loosing my home, having children that are traumatized and who have received minimal education in 9 months.

chico berkeley Dec 06, 2020 06:16 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Dude it is called hypocrisy.
Many here fit that category.
You have to move away from anything SANTA BARBARA
It has been an amazing adventure, living in California. Forty-five years as a high school administrator, therapist, teacher, friend, neighbor. Now retired and blaming California for the hands around my throat, for the loss of hope, the destruction of human rights.

There is no place like Santa Barbara, its beauty beyond belief. If you can live on Channel Drive, eat at Lucky’s, ignore the homeless on State Street, this is your paradise. There is no place for dissent. Toe the liberal agenda, pretend your outrageous riches are due to hard work while average people clean your toilets. The liberal hypocrisy is glaring, startling, disgusting, shameful, endemic.

The state is bankrupt. The liberal democrats have destroyed this paradise. Taxes are blindly outrageous, the slums of L.A. and S.F. are on par with Mumbai, political leaders live in gated, guarded luxury while demanding increased taxes to provide illegal persons more rights, more comfort than citizens. There is no avenue for dissent from the liberal destruction. My opinion is guarded by liberals except if different from the party line. Of course, as you read this you hate me. That is what liberals do. Claim to be inclusive, progressive, tolerant — unless you disagree. The thinking that was birthed by Hitlerain zealots in the 1930s. That is Socialist ignorance and the future of this state under Newsom, who will make Brown seem like Dick Cheney before he is done. Yet, you pay and pay, worship the agenda, hate conservatives, and continue to drink the Kool-Aid. Quality of life has been destroyed for the people due to the polices that ruined Detroit, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta — every democrat liberal-led disaster.

Not that anyone cares, but I exit the land I loved. As hundreds of thousands of clear-thinking people are doing. To another place where there is tolerance, respect for free speech, values that built this country. I cry for you California. There is no hope.

420722 Dec 05, 2020 03:06 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

No Andrea, forcing the entire state to lock down, people losing jobs, businesses, going homeless, and causing suicide rates to skyrocket for your 80 year old parents that are retired and can STAY HOME home until this is over is selfish and disgusting!

Andrea Smith Dec 05, 2020 10:21 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Speaking on behalf of my parents who are in their 80s and doing what they can to stay home aside from essential grocery shopping thus possibly exposing themselves when others aren't taking precautions, I say it's your attitude that is selfish.

Seabird Dec 05, 2020 09:52 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Here here. I was just told I will be losing my job (again) as soon as Monday, which had already gone from full-time to very part-time. What little unemployment benefits remained, ran out three weeks ago and the system has still not updated the extension. $40 in my wallet and -$500 in the bank account to keep the utilities on and food on the table for my child and myself. Merry Christmas, Governor.

Shasta Guy Dec 04, 2020 07:05 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

This website from the state enables you to look at the case rates in every county: *** This website from the state enables you to look at the hospitalization rates in every county: *** *** paste them into your browser to view. It’s getting bad in some counties like Ventura with cases about 3X their summer peak. It’s not so bad here yet as we seem to be still lower than our summer peaks. However, I’m going back to the disciplines I used in April. Lots of hand washing and sanitizer, social distancing, and steering clear of groups, crowds, and seemingly clueless people. Good luck everybody and don’t let your guard down now.

Chip of SB Dec 04, 2020 03:07 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Other countries are already doing what you are advocating for. In China for example, they do exactly what you say. Anyone who does not conform over there ends up in a prison camp. If we repealed the bill of rights, we could do the same here. There is one big problem though. How do you make sure you get to force everyone to do what you want? What if that power were turned against you and other people forced you to conform to their ideology? I feel like it might be safer to retain some degree of individual liberty.

SBisOk Dec 04, 2020 10:46 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

We can never know how many lives all this saves, right? There's no way to measure that. We can only count deaths. A hard truth. We can start counting businesses that go under. We can start counting people who have lost their jobs, sometimes repeatedly. We can start counting kids who drop out of school (or can't show up). Will that count be more than deaths? Sure seems like it. Will it outweigh deaths? Maybe. What I think some fail to realize is that the loss of business, livelihood, education, or security is worse or the same as death. Because it appears to be no end to this. The rules keep changing. Fauci said even with a vaccine that we will still have to distance and mask up. So there's no end in sight. That's really, really hard for a lot of people. But so is dying. It's hard to reconcile.

TSB2020 Dec 04, 2020 12:55 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

1. You actually can get a sense of how many lives are saved. California has a high death toll and infection rate, but our per capita death rate is significantly lower than many other states. Largely, because up until this point we have managed not to overwhelm our hospitals. So yes, you can actually measure the fact that restrictions designed to keep our hospitals from overflowing have and do save many lives.
2. Also there is an end in sight. We are extremely close to a vaccine and yes, you will need to wear a mask and distance even after the vaccine, and yes it will be a many months before you get that vaccine. But that vaccine will VERY soon be protecting health care workers which will in turn allow our hospitals to function, which will AGAIN save countless lives. And yes, you will have to wear a mask but life will get significantly less risky and we will get closer to returning to "normal." But we need to make it through the next few months, until we live in that reality.
Additionally, you might keep in mind that because probably you and the vast majority of people will survive Covid, the questions you propose really sound like “I’ll take the risk of maybe (but probably not) dying from covid to avoid an economically stressful and socially damaging lockdown” — which is really saying “I am willing to entertain the notion of other people (probably people I don’t know personally) dying of covid so that me and the rest of the majority don’t have to struggle through a lockdown.” Every time I read comments like yours I wonder, are you personally one of these people you speak of who would rather die than lose their business and livelihood? Or are you just someone who would be okay with watching other people die if it meant not losing your business or your livelihood (because that's honestly really what it comes down to and what it sounds like). As one those young people whose economic opportunities and future is being “sacrificed” for the old, I’ll personally say, that while this pandemic has derailed my life in a lot of ways. I still rather suffer the consequences of a lockdown than deal with the trauma of watching my older relatives die alone in the ICU. I do agree with you that these lockdowns have tremendously negative effects - I don't mean to belittle that - but as you sympathetically imagine those business owners and children dropping out of schools and as you question whether these restrictions--which we can verify save lives-- are worth the sacrifice, ask yourself if you'd be playing over the same thought experiment if you'd already lost family members to this virus.

Voice of Reason Dec 04, 2020 11:28 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

I would like to add SBISOK, that poverty, job loss, less/poor education, stress, etc. all have real measurable impacts to peoples health and are all contributing factors to shorter life expectancy. While we maybe saving some lives with our response, we are also costing other people their lives with our response. How many years of life are we taking from our population with the restrictions and how many are we saving? What is abhorrible to me, and the driver of most of my heated replies here, is that with CA's response, we are taking years of life from the youngest in our community, to give to the oldest. When is it ever okay to sacrifice the young to save the old? If you're older or at risk, STAY HOME, STAY SAFE.

Andrea Smith Dec 04, 2020 11:22 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

SBISOK, so so true what you say, it's what I've been saying too. Ideally no one dies. But losing your entire livelihood - your home, etc. - is like death too in many ways. I know of families where the parents lost their jobs, are sleeping on friend's couches [separately] while their kids sleep on other friend's couches. it's really terrible. Which is why I truly hope the 'numbers' are accurate b/c government is using them to justify many things that also hurt people - government has a lot of power including the power to legally put you to death [literally and figuratively]. It's a hard line to walk and I sure hope it's based on sound data, etc.

ChemicalSuperFreak Dec 04, 2020 10:15 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

The number of ICU beds fluctuates depending on need, as hospitals can increase the number of available ICU beds if required. Right now SBC has 99 total ICU beds, with 60 in use (61% used). Looking over my records, SBC had a maximum of 150 ICU beds at one point this year and so it's clear that capacity can be increased if necessary. There's the Sears, that was leased by the county and sat unused. There's also the Navy medical ship Mercy that had been made available to the state, and then also sat unused. If they allow the ICU beds to fill up without activating these other options then it's clear that these shutdowns are punitive and not based at all on need.

ChemicalSuperFreak Dec 04, 2020 04:32 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Bosco: First, the Mercy has 80 ICU beds. Second, it's staffed with over 1,000 medically trained personnel, many of which are probably skilled enough to staff ICUs, as ships such as this are designed for assistance in combat and natural disasters. Here are her specs:

USNS Mercy (T-AH-19)
Patient capacity:
Intensive care wards: 80 beds
Recovery wards: 20 beds
Intermediate care wards: 280 beds
Light care wards: 120 beds
Limited care wards: 500 beds
Total patient capacity: 1000 beds
Operating rooms: 12

Merchant Marine: 16 ROS; 61 active
Navy communications & support: 58 (6 officers, 52 enlisted)
Medical and dental (active only): 1,156

bosco Dec 04, 2020 04:04 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

I can't exactly speak for how ICU beds are added. But I don't believe any of overflow you speak of (Sears, Navy Ship, etc.) would be for ICU. Rather these are to be used for low risk patients. Ultimately, staffing is a bigger issue than ICU beds. Not all Nurses and doctors are skilled enough to take care of ICU patients and Nurse/Patient rations are reduced in ICU units. ICU staff becomes a much more limiting factor. Back in July when the County hospital system had 3 times the number of COVID patients, bed capacity was not an issue butthe ICU staff was severely overstressed. They did a great job and managed it, but it was stressful.

Ahchooo Dec 04, 2020 09:39 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Several comments talk about the number of ICU beds. What matters just as much, probably more, is the number of trained staff to treat the sick people in those beds. We can’t borrow nurses from other regions because the virus is surging everywhere now. Can’t train nurses, doctors and technicians overnight. Can’t necessarily keep the ones we have from getting sick themselves, or dropping from exhaustion (but we should try).

sb93105 Dec 04, 2020 08:00 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

ER'S have been overcrowded for decades especially this time of year- this is a joke- its not about slowing the spread we are not that powerful to "control" a virus. this is the end of small business- thanks for voting this nut case into office- what a joke-

dukemunson Dec 05, 2020 07:52 AM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

Alright... I Can see the point for someone using it. It’s not my jam... but to each his own. Though I am convinced I’ve had some debates on here with people who were using the anonymous feature just to add a voice (or 3!!!) agreeing with their own post!

Ahchooo Dec 04, 2020 10:06 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

One reason for anonymity is to attempt to avoid being pre-judged. I may want my comment to be assessed on its own merits, not a reader’s feelings about me based on my previous Edhat comments. “Oh, here’s another comment from that guy who wrote idiotic things about X.” Maybe I was an idiot about X, but not about Y.

dukemunson Dec 04, 2020 09:05 PM
Governor Announces New Stay at Home Order Based on Hospitalizations

About going anonymous or about your original comment of : “Anyone who thinks that masks aren't the most helpful measure against the pandemic at this point is not in contact with reality.”?

Because no... I don’t get why there is an anonymous button on an anonymous website and obviously masks aren’t the most helpful measure against the pandemic. They are helpful. They obviously are helpful. But your assertion that they are the most helpful was wrong... and your subsequent posts made me question your current grasp of reality as you don’t seem to grasp that not being around safer than being in a mask around people.


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