Goleta's Pavement Rehabilitation Project to Begin Construction Soon

Goleta's Pavement Rehabilitation Project to Begin Construction Soon title=
Goleta's Pavement Rehabilitation Project to Begin Construction Soon
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By the City of Goleta

Pavement Rehabilitation work is scheduled to take place this fall in the Cannon Green Neighborhood, the Covington Neighborhood, a portion of Cathedral Oaks Road from Evergreen Drive to Alameda Avenue and Armstrong Road from Reed Court to Mills Way. The work is all part of the 2022-2023 Pavement Rehabilitation Project and is expected to take six months to complete. We will keep you posted on construction dates as soon as we receive them and appreciate your patience.

Construction will begin with concrete work, that consists of the reconstruction of cross gutters and spandrels, adjacent curb ramps to meet ADA standards, and miscellaneous concrete repairs. This work will be followed by asphalt roadway work, then striping and signage.

Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “While we are pleased to have more work being done to improve our City streets, we are well aware that there is so much more that needs to be done. The City has a backlog of deferred roadway pavement maintenance. It has been many years since the City has been able to fully fund its pavement program. With the backlog as well as the recent significant increase in the cost of construction, it gets harder and harder to maintain the City’s pavement condition goals.”

One of the biggest concerns for residents remains the condition of Cathedral Oaks Road. Due to funding limitations, there is only budget to pave limited segments of Cathedral Oaks each year.

The City constructs an Annual Pavement Rehabilitation Project as part of its Pavement Management Program (PMP). Following the PMP ensures the most efficient use of available funding for maintaining the City’s roadway network. The PMP consists of tracking the condition of the pavement and based on the condition, developing periodic pavement maintenance activities and projects. Pavement maintenance ranges from pothole repair and crack sealing to slurry seals, overlays, and reconstructions. The PMP is also a critical planning tool that assists staff in establishing a list of priority roadways to be included in the City’s annual pavement rehabilitation projects. In addition to the PMP recommendations, the paving priority list is developed based on public input and staff’s experience and understanding of the roadways.

If you have any questions on the Annual Pavement Projects, please contact Debbie Talarico, Contract Project Manager, at dtalarico@cityofgoleta.org.

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Pete Stronzo Oct 12, 2022 12:55 AM
Goleta's Pavement Rehabilitation Project to Begin Construction Soon

The recently approved budget for City of Goleta reports record revenues for sales taxes, property taxes, transient occupancy taxes, and General Fund reserves.

The City of Goleta fully funded the pavement program years ago when all these revenue sources were significantly less.

Measure B is a proposed sales tax increase by the City of Goleta on this November's ballot. Based on the ballot language, there is no guarantee that the $10 million raised annually will be used to fully fund the backlog of deferred pavement maintenance in subsequent years.

Goleta now has 114.775 full-time employees (FTE). There were 46 FTE in 2009 and 88 FTE in 2019.

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