Goleta's Old Town Christmas Parade Draws a Crowd

Goleta's Old Town Christmas Parade Draws a Crowd title=
Goleta's Old Town Christmas Parade Draws a Crowd
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By Tom Modugno

Last Saturday evening Old Town Goleta was the place to be. The Old Town Community Association hosted the second annual Goleta Christmas Parade and it was twice as good as the first one. The weather threatened to rain on our parade, but it held off and let the show go on.

Old Town was buzzing hours before the parade started with restaurants and bars hosting an influx of visitors. 

We went to Pepe Delgados and had some good Mexican food and a little tequila….

Before we knew it, the parade was starting, so we hustled to grab a warm drink at Old Town Coffee and then find a spot on the crowded sidewalk.

There was such a community spirit and everyone was welcoming, smiling and having fun.

Even the merchants came out to watch.

There were way more entrants in the parade this year including Dos Pueblos and Goleta Valley Junior High.

As well as lots of locally owned businesses, like Surf Country Surf Shop.

And Domingo's Cafe.

And good old Santa Cruz Market.

Of course, a Goleta parade has to have some tractors.


And some low riders.

And whatever this was…..Boxing babies?

And the kids went wild when the Man Of The Hour finally showed up…

Jolly old St. Nick.

Well, most the kids went wild….this one was busy.

All in all, a great family event, and a welcome new tradition. 

Thank you Goleta Old Town Community Association and we look forward to next year!



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