Goleta Scraps 90 Minute Parking Limits in Old Town After Community Input

By the City of Goleta

After further consideration and input from the community, the City of Goleta has decided to postpone plans announced on February 3, 2023, to implement 90-minute parking restrictions this spring in Old Town. The City is scheduled to begin construction of the Hollister Avenue Old Town Interim Striping Project this summer and will coordinate the timed parking to go along with that project. By doing so, the City will minimize issues surrounding loss of parking spaces associated with the project.

Goleta Public Works Director Charlie Ebeling said, “The City appreciates your patience and understanding as we work to improve the parking experience for residents, businesses, and visitors in Old Town.”

The purpose of the 90-minute parking restrictions is to improve parking turnover and availability. Parking on Hollister Avenue and on the first block of side streets, will be restricted to 90 minutes between 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. Monday through Saturday, unless otherwise designated. Drivers will need to move their vehicle at least one block at the end of each 90-minute period to avoid a parking citation. Signs will be posted prior to the restrictions going into place.

The Hollister Avenue Old Town Interim Striping Project, approved in October of 2022, will increase parking and bike lanes and will include several safety improvements.

The Project includes:

  • One vehicle and bike lane in each direction
  • A non-traversable painted median
  • Back-in angled 90-minute parking along the north side of the street
  • Parallel 90-minute parking along the south side of the street
  • Pavement restoration
  • Traffic signal equipment and timing upgrades

For more information on this project, please visit: www.CityofGoleta.org/HollisterInterimStriping.

For questions related to the project or the planned parking restrictions, please contact, Derek Rapp, Contract Traffic Engineer at drapp@cityofgoleta.org or (805) 770-0205.

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  1. Narrowing the roadway to two lanes will be a catastrophe for traffic flow! This part of hollister is packed to the limit during peak use times with four lanes, it’s going to be gridlock when they take the lanes away. If the plan is to revitalize old town, they might want to rethink this because people are going to avoid going to old town at all costs to avoid the traffic jam this is going to cause.

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