Goleta Sanitary District Board Receives Platinum Level Accreditation

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Source: Goleta Sanitary Water Resource Recovery District

The Goleta Sanitary District was awarded the Platinum Level District of Distinction accreditation from the Special District Leadership Foundation of the California Special District Association on Wednesday, September 26, 2018, having completed all of the required components.  This prestigious honor was given to the District for successfully implementing a comprehensive list of high level transparency and good governance practices.  In order to be considered for the award, the District had to first achieve the following:

  • Certificate of Transparency Award
  • Recognition in Governance Awards for all Board Members and the General Manager, and the
  • Special District Administrator certification of the District’s General Manager

The Platinum Level District of Distinction is the Foundation’s highest level of recognition for a Special District. It incorporates completion of all of the required programs and demonstrates a comprehensive approach to excellence in Special District governance and administration.

“We are very proud of this achievement and of our Board,” said General Manager Steve Wagner. “To be recognized for platinum level on our first year of submission is particularly rewarding”, he continued. “Our commitment to our ratepayers is to provide the highest quality service at a cost-effective price while protecting public health and the environment.”

On stage at the ceremony, Board President Steven T. Majoewsky said: “The District proudly accepts this award and looks forward to protecting public health and the environment for citizens of the Goleta Valley for many years to come.”

The District of Distinction incorporates achievements in all areas of governance and highlights the degree of transparency and professionalism of the Goleta Sanitary District and its Board. For more information regarding the Special District Leadership Foundation please visit www.sldf.org.

About the Goleta Sanitary District:

The Goleta Sanitary District was created in 1942 to provide wastewater collection and treatment services for the Goleta Valley.  Today the District’s 132-mile long network of underground pipes deliver approximately 4 million gallons of wastewater to the District’s award-winning treatment plant every day.  At the facility, wastewater is treated and cleaned to very high standards by certified staff before being reused for irrigation or discharged safely into the ocean.  The District is governed by a 5 member elected Board and is committed to protecting public health and the environment through state of the art treatment processes and the delivery of cost-effective public services.

The District provides wastewater treatment services for its own customers as well as four other public entities: Goleta West Sanitary District, University of California at Santa Barbara, the City of Santa Barbara’s Municipal Airport and parts of Santa Barbara County.

Goleta Sanitary District is located at 1 William Moffett Place, across from the Santa Barbara Airport Terminal.  Tours and self-load Biosolids are available upon request. Contact us at (805) 967-4519 or learn more at www.GoletaSanitary.org .


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