Goleta’s First Creek and Watershed Management Plan Adopted by City Council

Goleta’s First Creek and Watershed Management Plan Adopted by City Council title=
Bell Creek near Haskell’s Beach looking north towards the foothills
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Source: City of Goleta

The City of Goleta has its first ever Creek and Watershed Management Plan (CWMP).  After extensive public comment at Tuesday night’s Council meeting, the Goleta City Council unanimously adopted the plan. Staff has made sure to involve the public through all stages. There were three public workshops from February – November 2020, Technical Advisory Committee meetings, and the public was asked to review the draft CWMP prior to last night’s Council meeting.

City of Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte applauded the adoption of the plan. She said, “Having a thorough Creek and Watershed Management Plan in place is important for the City because it ensures that our beloved creeks are protected and maintained for future generations to enjoy.”

City of Goleta Advance Planning Manager Anne Wells said, “Goleta’s creeks are dynamic systems, host to plants and wildlife species that define Goleta’s natural resources. The CWMP reflects a citywide vision worthy of our abundant creek resources. We look forward to implementing the CWMP and realizing this vision in the years to come.”

The Creek and Watershed Management Plan includes detailed information on the dozen creeks that run through our community, identifies impairments to these creeks, and outlines programs and specific future actions to address identified impairments. It also outlines best practices to provide habitat for fish and wildlife, accommodate wildlife movement corridors, convey stormwater runoff and floodwaters, and furnish open space and passive recreational areas for City residents. 

Learn more about Creek and Watershed Management Plan at https://tinyurl.com/GoletaCWMP.

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gnusman Nov 24, 2020 10:38 AM
Goleta’s First Creek and Watershed Management Plan Adopted by City Council

Great news; of course the goal to "Eliminate homeless living in watersheds" is a tremendous problem. Take them out there and it's "whack a mole" as they go elsewhere etc.
The Ventura Land Trust is part of a coalition of agencies and government which is trying to do the same thing along the Ventura River. Dan, one of our conservation guys, has made friends with many of the homeless and most comply, but since they have nowhere else to go (homeless shelter please?), they come back. Check out what we're doing in this short video that will show the problem Goleta will have; Video by Jason Hernandez:

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