Goleta Purchases New Electric Bike for Community Resource Deputy

By the City of Goleta

Goleta’s Community Resource Deputy (CRD) Ehren Rauch has a brand-new motor-assisted bicycle, or e-bike. The City purchased the e-bike for CRD Rauch to help enhance his patrol efforts in the City of Goleta.

CRD Rauch came up with the idea to purchase an e-bike, “We had a standard manual powered bike, but it was very outdated and in need of repair.” The new e-bike was chosen for its large tires and ability to go off-road on trails and the beach, locations that a cruiser normally would be unable to easily access.”

CRD Rauch said, “I am very excited to be out in the community on an e-bike. This allows me to provide outreach and enforcement in places that are typically not patrolled by a deputy in a car.” The new e-bike will assist with patrols on the Ellwood Bluffs, Lake Los Carneros, railroad tracks, city parks, Old Town, and large events such as the Lemon Festival or parades.

The e-bike, costing approximately $4,000, is more nimble than your typical police cruiser and requires less man-power than a regular pedal-powered bike. It came equipped with several accessories and features including: center drive motor, installed red-and-blue lights, siren package, storage bag with police markings on the side, a range of 50 miles and can travel at speeds up to almost 30 miles per hour.

“I have already had several positive interactions with the public on the e-bike and look forward to having many more,” said CRD Rauch.

Community Resource Deputy Ehren Rauch with the new e-bike in front of City Hall



Written by CityofGoleta

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  1. Gawd what nonsense. To claim that the present bicycle was “very outdated” is absurd. It is probably no more outdated than decades of pedal driven bikes. What is going on here is that the cops want nicer toys to play with. They should just own up to this, not try to rationalize it. “We bought a new electric bike for our cop because we think it is more effective.”


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