Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence title=
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence
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Update by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
4:00 p.m., October 19, 2021

The suspect who was arrested earlier this morning related to the structure fire in the 100-block of Salisbury Avenue has been booked at the Main Jail on two misdemeanor and four felony charges. 43-year-old Christopher Vance of Goleta has been booked for prowling (misdemeanor), resisting arrest (misdemeanor), vandalism (felony), burglary (felony), shooting at an inhabited dwelling (felony), and arson of an inhabited dwelling (felony). Due to the seriousness of the charges, deputies requested an enhanced bail, which was granted, and Vance is being held on $500,000 bail.

Update by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office
12:00 p.m., October 19, 2021

Sheriff’s deputies have arrested a Goleta man who they believe is responsible for a structure fire. On Tuesday, October 18, 2021, at approximately 4:38 am, deputies responded with Santa Barbara County Fire to the 100-block of Salisbury Avenue for a reported structure fire. Responding deputies were familiar with the address as they had been at the same location the evening prior for a report of a subject, 43-year-old Christopher Vance, who was exhibiting strange behavior. As a result of the prior contact, deputies were conducting follow-up including a request for a mental health evaluation.

As County Fire worked to knock down the structure fire, deputies learned that Vance had likely intentionally started the fire, discharged a firearm at some point, and fled the scene. A woman who was inside the residence was injured in the fire and transported by ambulance to an area hospital. All Goleta area units responded to the scene along with CHP and provided scene security for the firefighters while other deputies initiated a search for Vance.

Residents in the area called 911 to report several instances of Vance attempting to force his way into homes. A notification was sent to area residences requesting that they stay inside their homes while deputies searched the area. Vance was tracked to the 7700-block of Jenna Drive where he was taken into custody. Vance was transported to an area hospital where he is being treated for injuries he sustained prior to being taken into custody. We will share booking information for Vance when it becomes available. The woman who was injured is expected to recover.

By edhat staff
7:00 a.m., October 19, 2021

Santa Barbara County Firefighters responded to a structure fire in the 100 block of Goleta early Tuesday.

At 4:38 a.m., crews responded to a second-alarm structure fire. Upon arrival, they found a single-story residential structure fully involved in fire.

Firefighters initiated an interior attack as well as a primary and secondary search for occupants in the structure. 

One person was transported to Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital with burns, according to the Santa Barbara County Fire Department.

The cause of the fire is under investigation.


SBC on scene of a 2 alarm structure fire. 160 Salisbury in the City of Goleta. Interior attack as well as primary and secondary search underway. 1 persons transported to cottage with burn. Law enf. activity ass. with incident. C/T 0438 pic.twitter.com/Nu5FQ301Zx

— Daniel Bertucelli (@SBCFireInfo) October 19, 2021



Additional video from S/F on Salisbury in Goleta pic.twitter.com/LdKSJLx89S

— Daniel Bertucelli (@SBCFireInfo) October 19, 2021



More video from the #SalisburyInc. pic.twitter.com/kZvSkJXM0n

— Daniel Bertucelli (@SBCFireInfo) October 19, 2021


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sacjon Oct 19, 2021 03:26 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

3:19 - COASTWATCH doesn't know squat, once again, and is just spouting off mindless hate. Don't pay him/her/it any mind. This had nothing to do with "recreational drug use."

a-1634683166 Oct 19, 2021 03:39 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Oh I figured as much - still perplexing why people feel the need to feel important and have to get their say in everything, regardless of how mindless it is. (Such as said statement) ; )

JB86 Oct 19, 2021 08:16 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Great question, but we will never get an answer due to medical privacy rules. Mental health providers seldom report their patients as they should under the law. One case in point was Jennifer Sanmarco, who shot up the Goleta Post Office, killing seven; she had been fired by the USPS for bizarre and threatening behavior, put on a 5150 mental hold, medicated and released - only to go to New Mexico and buy a Glock, then return to Goleta to kill. NOBODY in the process reported her to authorities who might have placed her on the prohibited persons list. That's how this happens, and Sanmarco wasn't the only one.

SBTownie Oct 20, 2021 09:41 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Sac, for the record I'm pro legalization. But I've got a handful of family members I can introduce you to. I'm pretty sure weed fried their brains. Not saying they were the sharpest tools in the shed to begin with, but wow. There is no conclusive or definitive data showing the real harm, or lack thereof. But most of the studies I've seen show that adolescent use of marijuana is in fact harmful to developing brains and associated with lower IQ. I can sure tell you my relatives seem challenged in that department.

sacjon Oct 20, 2021 10:14 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

SBTOWNIE - oh for sure it affects you and long term use makes some lazy and unproductive, but "cooking" their brains to the point of doing something like this? No, that's something else.

SBTownie Oct 20, 2021 10:27 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Yeah, it's far fetched at best to connect weed with this event. But I've looked into this. I specifically did research on this topic when I wanted to decide whether I should try acid. My dad warned me that his best friend had dropped acid hundreds of time and was fine, but that their other friend had a bad trip and he literally never came out of it. I thought maybe he was exaggerating to convince me not to do hard drugs, so I did my own research. Acid and weed have similar issues. If you have certain genetic profiles, you can be more susceptible to developing schizophrenia after "triggering" things through drug use. From WebMD regarding marijuana: "Researchers also have found that if you carry certain types of specific genes that affect brain chemistry, marijuana use can raise the chance you'll have schizophrenia. One of those genes is called AKT1. Another is called COMT. Cannabis may cause schizophrenia symptoms to start earlier in life, too."

sacjon Oct 20, 2021 10:50 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

SBTOWNIE - sure, but causing schizophrenia to start earlier than normal is not the same as "cooking your brain." GETOFF is saying that the devil weed made this guy crazy and violent. Just not true.

Also, that's rad that you researched LSD before trying it. I did the same thing as a young man. Read some amazing stories and reports!

SBTownie Oct 21, 2021 09:06 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Sac, the research indicates it can CAUSE schizophrenia is some people (who are predisposed to it but would not have otherwise developed it).

I read a REALLY interesting article in The Atlantic last night. It's about the "new meth" and how this drug is basically behind the insane rise in homelessness that we have all seen. Paywall free link is here: https://web.archive.org/web/20211018214422/https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2021/11/the-new-meth/620174/ The first half of the article is about how "new meth" is produced, but if you are interested in how current meth is making people bona fide insane and destroying their brains and how it's behind the huge surge in homelessness gripping so many cities. I really think this is a must-read.

SantaBarbaraObserver Oct 21, 2021 09:49 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Byz is totally right. I once lost my mind after smoking a joint. I ate an entire carton of ice cream a whole pizza and drank 4 Cokes while watching the Nature channel for hours...

Rypert Johnson Oct 19, 2021 11:07 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Mentally ill or not, BAD BEHAVIOR! And if he's running around doing such things LOCK HIM UP! Sorry people, this "mentally ill" excuse has run its course, time to start addressing the aftermath of these actions and removing such individuals from society and placing them in a safe, supervised environment where they can't hurt others is a great start.
Individuals like this continually and constantly harass, threaten and attack innocent victims. They violate the civil rights of innocent people, so why don't we start violating their civil rights by holding them where they can cause no harm?
Look at it as a policy of quarantine. They do their misdeeds, they get caught, we quarantine them from society so they can cause no more harm.
Enough with the mentally ill excuses, I will bet he knew the difference between right and wrong, but "the voices in his head" told him to not worry about it, the excuse makers will come to his defense.
Prowling, , vandalism, burglary, shooting at an inhabited dwelling, and arson of an inhabited dwelling are ALL violations of innocent people's civil rights and criminal behavior. Resisting arrest is just stupid behavior. Quarantine this guy for a LONG time, it is what is best for the community. Time to stop with the coddling and excuses.

sacjon Oct 20, 2021 09:28 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

RYPERT - "Enough with the mentally ill excuses" - you clearly have no understanding of mental health. "Quarantines?" Against what? It's not contagious. You need help with your hate.

Byzantium Oct 20, 2021 10:35 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Sacjon: you asked for a study - PubMed is your friend.
Front Psychiatry . 2018 Jul 4;9:294. doi: 10.3389/fpsyt.2018.00294. eCollection 2018.
Cannabis, a Significant Risk Factor for Violent Behavior in the Early Phase Psychosis. Two Patterns of Interaction of Factors Increase the Risk of Violent Behavior: Cannabis Use Disorder and Impulsivity; Cannabis Use Disorder, Lack of Insight and Treatment Adherence

Valerie Moulin 1 , Philipp Baumann 2 , Mehdi Gholamrezaee 3 , Luis Alameda 4 5 , Julie Palix 1 , Jacques Gasser 1 , Philippe Conus 2
Affiliations expand
PMID: 30022956 PMCID: PMC6039574 DOI: 10.3389/fpsyt.2018.00294


BACKGROUND: Previous literature suggests that prevalence of cannabis use in the early phase of psychosis is high, and that early psychosis patients are at high-risk for violent behavior. However, the link between cannabis use and violent behavior in early psychosis patients is unclear. We carried out a study on a sample of early psychosis patients, in order to explore the impact of cannabis use on the risk of violent behavior (VB), while taking into account (1) potential confounding factors and, (2) interactions with other dynamic risk factors of VB.

METHOD: In a sample of 265 early psychosis patients, treated at the Treatment and Early Intervention in Psychosis Program (TIPP) in Lausanne, we used logistic regression models to explore the link between various dynamic risk factors of VB [positive symptoms, substance use disorder (drugs including cannabis, alcohol and others drugs), insight, impulsivity, affective instability, and treatment adherence], and VB occurring during treatment. In order to understand hierarchical effects attributable to the combinations of risk factors on VB we conducted a Classification and Regression Tree (CART).

RESULTS: Our results show that cannabis use disorder is a risk factor for VB. The associations among risk factors suggest the presence of two patient profiles with an increased rate of VB: the first is composed of patients with cannabis use disorder and impulsivity, and the second of patients combining cannabis use disorder, absence of insight and non-adherence to treatment. The results also show the moderating role of insight and adherence to treatment on the rate of VB in patients with cannabis use disorder.

CONCLUSION : This study suggests that cannabis use disorder is a significant risk factor for VB amongst early psychosis patients, particularly when combined with either impulsivity, lack of insight and non-adherence to treatment. These results suggest that preventive strategies could be developed on the basis of such patient profiles.

Keywords: cannabis use disorder; early phase of psychosis; impulsivity; insight; profiles; violent behavior.

sacjon Oct 20, 2021 03:40 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

BYZ - Nope, being a "significant risk factor" in jump starting symptoms in "early psychosis patients" is not the same as cannabis causing just a regular Joe Shmoe to go violent and crazy. Reading is your friend.

COAST - fail again.

sacjon Oct 20, 2021 03:43 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Look, anyone blaming this on cannabis use is woefully ignorant, not only about this specific case, but cannabis and its effects in general. Go back to the 1950s with this malarkey.

RHS Oct 20, 2021 06:15 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Sacjon is correct. What is missing from studies that Byz presents is the question of why some use mj. They are 'self medicating' to use the jargon. The problems they are dealing with presented themselves and they have tried to assuage the demons without success. Eventually in some cases the dark side wins. Please be more understanding of the hell some people endure.

sacjon Oct 21, 2021 10:12 AM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

BYZ - I'm far from a "pothead." I just thinking blaming cannabis for people setting fire to their neighbors' homes is a little 1950'sish. One day, you'll either evolve with the rest of us or expire. I hope you choose the former before the latter!

Ddrellim Oct 21, 2021 01:09 PM
Goleta Man Arrested for Setting Fire to Residence

Sad the way some are so vicious I knew him he was honest fair and kind He had depression And there was something else going on his feeling were to deep I guess As far as pot making you crazy I had noticed that most of the ones who do high THC oils or shatter Do start to change pretty fast I am sure it does not help if you already have physcosis or any other mental issues also I personally have been aware of 3 other suicides in my large group of acquainted Souls This 2 weeks All of them were out of the dark so to say And we were all left feeling Like WTF always best to treat others as you wish to be treated May be a bad moon arising

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