Goleta City Council Names Bluff “Potters Point” in Honor of Late Artist Chris Potter

"Ellwood to Devereux" by Chris Potter (courtesy)
"Ellwood to Devereux" by Chris Potter (courtesy)

Earlier this month the Goleta City Council named a prominent bluff on the Ellwood Mesa Open Space as “Potters Point” in honor of the late artist Chris Potter.

Potter, a renowned painter known for his landscapes of the Santa Barbara coast, passed away on February 3.

Located off Santa Barbara Shores Drive, Potters Point holds a special significance in the artist’s life. It was the place where Potter spent his childhood and continued to visit throughout his life, including his days as a student at UC Santa Barbara. The bluff, framed by a eucalyptus grove, offers stunning views of Sands Beach and Coal Oil Point, which served as a muse for many of his beloved paintings.

“Christopher’s beloved place to be was along the coastline in Ellwood, unofficially deemed by his friends as ‘Potter’s Point.’ It is there where he often painted.  It is there where he spent time with his friends and family.  It is there where he took in and was inspired by nature.  As one of his friends shared at his memorial service, Chris would often say at Ellwood, ‘Good Job, Mother Nature!'” according to an online petition started by Potter’s friend to name the point in his honor.

Over 2,000 signatures on the petition endorsed the naming of Potters Point and the city’s naming committee gave its approval last month.

Chris Potter (courtesy)
Chris Potter (courtesy)

During the City Council hearing, Supervisor Capps spoke passionately about her personal connection with Potter, describing him as a friend. She emphasized the importance of honoring his memory and the impact he had on the community.

Beyond the naming, the council also directed staff to explore the possibility of installing a bench and a permanent easel at Potters Point, allowing visitors to fully immerse themselves in the artist’s legacy. These decisions will be discussed at a later date.

Chris Potter’s untimely passing was met with a tremendous outpouring of support from the community, with around 700 people attending his memorial at Dos Pueblos High School. His impact as an artist and his ability to capture the beauty of the Santa Barbara coast will now be forever celebrated at Potters Point, a place that held a special significance in his heart.

In naming the bluff after Potter, the Goleta City Council aims to ensure that his name and vision continue to inspire future generations to appreciate and protect the natural beauty of the Santa Barbara coast.

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