Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020 title=
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020
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Source: City of Goleta

The Goleta City Council recently approved the purchase of Santa Barbara County’s first EV ARC™ 2020 (EV ARC), acting on its commitment to being a green and sustainable community. The EV ARC is a transportable, 100% off-grid solar-powered EV charger that can also serve as a mobile emergency preparedness and energy resiliency asset. The unit fits in a standard parking space and, being grid-independent, requires no construction, trenching or electrical circuit work, allowing for fast deployment in minutes. The City of Goleta is the first organization in Santa Barbara County looking to deploy this type of equipment.

Goleta Mayor Paula Perotte remarked, “Our city has made providing safe, reliable, affordable energy alternatives a priority for our community. This is another important step on our path to sustainable energy that also helps combat climate change." 

Peter Imhof, Director, Department of Planning and Environmental Review, said, “We are excited to see the City take this step to support the transition to electric vehicles in line with its sustainable energy and climate goals. This solar-powered charging unit will offer flexible electric vehicle charging available to both City employees and members of the public.”

“The City of Goleta is fortunate to be able to use grant funds from the Santa Barbara County Air Pollution Control District and the California Office of Emergency Services to purchase the EV ARC, requiring no cash outlay by the City for the equipment," said Cindy Moore, Sustainability Coordinator. The equipment not only supports the City's 100% Renewable Energy goal but is also a resiliency asset that will operate during grid interruptions, providing zero emission EV charging and emergency preparedness in one product."

EV ARC 2020
EV ARC™ 2020 by BEAM Global

The EV ARC from BEAM Global, a San Diego-based company, is expected to be delivered to City Hall by early summer. More information on how the public can access the new EV charging station will be forthcoming.

The EV ARC is one of many ways the City is striving to meet its goal of 100% Renewable Energy by 2030. The City will be enrolling in Central Coast Community Energy (3CE) in October 2021 in an effort to support clean energy at competitive rates and participate in innovative energy programs that facilitate the electrification of the transportation and built environments. This year the City also anticipates moving forward with a solar photovoltaic project and EV charging stations at City Hall. Learn more about what the City of Goleta is doing here.

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a-1614988028 Mar 05, 2021 03:47 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

This is an article about a stand alone, portable, solar powered electric vehicle charging station. It is designed to be placed on an existing parking space. It has a battery pack for use at night and in bad weather. We should be applauding the City of Goleta. The usual posters show up with references to a flawed Michael Moore documentary about allegedly bad green projects. The project described here has nothing to do with biomass, nuclear, natural gas and no animals were harmed with its construction. If you are worried about its disposability you should not buy anything new ever or you are a hypocrite. Have some perspective people.

Chip of SB Mar 05, 2021 12:42 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

I think the intent here is good. Unfortunately, this type of technology is extremely destructive to the environment. It’s 100% off grid, so it won’t be much use on rainy days or evenings. It’s also 100% disposable and will likely be shipped overseas for a more economical, and much less environmentally friendly, disposal when it’s useful life runs out in a couple decades. I suppose it’s also 100% free of emissions, but only if you disregard the manufacture of the solar panels and the batteries they charge. It’s truly a shame to see good intentions increasing the environmental impact and human cost of personal transportation in the name of reducing it.

Sail380 Mar 07, 2021 07:25 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

Im conservative and have had solar on my home for 10 years, Wind and solar on my boat for longer than that. How could that be?
The first environmental groups were sportsman who are mostly conservative. Research who they are and how they are protecting the lands. Check out how much time and money the they contribute. Then buy a hunting or fishing license and enjoy what the conservatives have helped with.

sacjon Mar 05, 2021 02:31 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

CHIP - the good news is that renewable energy development is a relatively new technology and is becoming more and more "green" (in production, not use since it already is) every day. I have faith that we'll soon be able to produce panels, turbines, etc in a cleaner way and move towards fully clean and renewable energy. With coal and oil, that will NEVER happen. You pick which you'd rather have. The rest of the world has.

Voice of Reason Mar 05, 2021 02:20 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

Chip don't forget the "green" biomass reactors which are supported by all the tree hugging groups, yet their is nothing "green" about them, they literally just burn wood and call it a green reactor. Below is a must watch portion of a Michael Moore documentary on these "green reactors" : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmIzaNLXo0Y

Chip of SB Mar 05, 2021 02:18 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

Sac, your viewpoint is likely to prevail for the foreseeable future. We will still build tons of new nat-gas power plants. However, we will also build tons of batteries, and solar panels and windmills. We will burn all the fossil fuels that we would have without the “green” stuff anyway since “green” energy can’t stand on its own. However, in addition to making all that CO2, we will also contaminate the Congo with uranium, support child and slave labor overseas, cover 10s of thousands of acres of our picturesque countryside with solar panels and windmills and much much more. And then after about 20 years we will ship all that “green” equipment out of the country where it will be dumped on the land and in the sea. It’s a colossal waste, but it will be done in the name of saving the planet. I thought I was a bit of a conservative, but you’re making me feel like some kind of radical environmentalist rebelling against a government-industry complex hell bent on soiling the planet for “green” profit. The times they are a changin...

sacjon Mar 05, 2021 01:59 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

"We need to make power, what I’m suggesting is doing it in the least destructive way possible." - Yes, agreed, and that is wind, solar, and hydro. And Chip, please.... conservatives support policies that rape our planet. You mad that Biden rejoined the Paris Accord?

Chip of SB Mar 05, 2021 01:55 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

I don’t understand where this stereotype that “conservatives” want to trash the planet comes from. They also believe in responsible environmental stewardship and have a lot of helpful perspectives to offer in areas dominated by “liberal” conformity culture. Solar comes with natural gas power plants, or coal, or nuclear or some other 24/7 power source. For example, the solar arrays in the desert on the way to Vegas run in conjunction with a nat-gas power plant. Every night, the nat-gas supplies the power the sun can’t and the nat-gas power keeps all the molten salt from solidifying. This constant on and off if the gas plant reduces its efficiency. It would be more efficient to skip the solar array and just rely on the nat-gas plant. But, by building the solar array, the power company can make more money, and people who don’t think through the full life cycle environmental consequences of the system are led to believe it’s doing some good. The point is, it’s all a scam. Wind and solar is being used as a “green” facade to cover nat-gas energy production. It makes the uninformed feel good about higher power bills, and it is less efficient and more environmentally destructive than just building a new nat-gas power plant. In the name of environmentalism, “liberals” are unknowingly supporting unethical rare earth mining practices overseas that result in widespread contamination, bulldozing vast acreages of land right here in california to make room for solar and wind arrays, blasting off beautiful mountaintops in the Dakotas to extract the high grade silica needed to construct solar panels, etc. We need to make power, what I’m suggesting is doing it in the least destructive way possible.

sacjon Mar 05, 2021 01:20 PM
Goleta City Council Approves the County’s First EV ARC 2020

I love how conservatives all of a sudden get "environmentally conscious" when it comes to complaining about renewable energy sources. Folks, ALL energy production has waste and pollution associated with it, wind and solar just have WAY LESS. Just because that's not zero, doesn't mean it's not better than coal and oil plants belching a steady stream of bile into our atmosphere. You see, production and use are 2 things. Wind/solar, etc have some negative byproducts associated with production, but have ZERO emissions or pollution during production. Coal, oil, gas, etc pollute BOTH during production and use. You'd have to be an absolute simpleton to think coal or oil is better for our environment than wind/solar/hydro.

Please spare us the "concern" for the environment.

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