Go Over and Above for Land Conservation: The Land Trust Announces $100,000 Match

Go Over and Above for Land Conservation: The Land Trust Announces $100,000 Match title=
Go Over and Above for Land Conservation: The Land Trust Announces $100,000 Match
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By the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County

Late this fall, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County received a $100,000 match opportunity from a consortium of anonymous donors for any new dollars the organization raises. “The donors behind this match are members of our community who are asking us to go over and above for land conservation in Santa Barbara County. We are incredibly inspired by their generosity and vision. We are also hopeful that others will hear their call to do more to help the Land Trust’s efforts,” says Carrie Mullen, Director of Development at the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. 

“What is at risk is clear,” says Meredith Hendricks, Executive Director at the Land Trust, “Climate changes and drought place pressure on limited natural resources and food systems while worsening uneven access to nature. We need actual, measurable steps to mitigate these impacts. The Land Trust offers these, and its why our work is so incredibly important right now.” 

Executive Director Hendricks describes the current climate for land conservation as “unprecedented.” “There is a convergence of public awareness, government funding, and individuals willing to invest in the solution of land conservation—people like the individuals behind our match. What is especially exciting for Santa Barbara County is that there is still so much to protect here. Other counties in our state are not in the same position. It’s important to do all we can to leverage this moment for Santa Barbara County and the people who live here.” 

The Land Trust’s strategic plan on the organization’s website describes the investment the Land Trust has made over a long period of time to be ready for this moment in conservation. “Over the past several years, with your support, the Land Trust has been at work protecting the vital natural resources of Santa Barbara County—the productive agricultural lands, important watersheds, critical wildlife habitat, and outdoor spaces that contribute to our health, cultural heritage, and regional economy.”

 “The commitment the Land Trust makes to the land is enduring,” says Carrie Mullen, Development Director. “The current focus at the organization is not only to strategically conserve land, but to grow our stewardship capacity to monitor and oversee the lands we protect and to create more equality in access to nature. As someone who has witnessed what happens to children when they are immersed in nature on a school trip to a place like the Arroyo Hondo Preserve or the Carpinteria Bluffs, it is easy to understand why this work is so vital.” 

About the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. 

Since 1985, The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County has worked with community groups, willing landowners, and other partners to conserve, restore, and manage open space, wildlife habitat, and family farms and ranches throughout the county, including the Arroyo Hondo Preserve, Sedgwick Reserve, and the Rincon Bluffs Preserve in Carpinteria. To help the Land Trust go Over and Above for land conservation and to meet its match, please go to: https://www.sblandtrust.org/ 

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a-1672459052 Dec 30, 2022 07:57 PM
Go Over and Above for Land Conservation: The Land Trust Announces $100,000 Match

I can’t give again to the Land Trust until they/we settle the issue of the multi-use path proposed for the Modoc Preserve. Can we trust the Land Trust to uphold their promises? If a patch of land is set aside with promise of no development or paving, will that promise be kept? (Generally I believe the Land Trust to be a fine organization.)

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