Giant Jade Tree

By Bob Silverman

This is an image of the base of a large Jade Tree that does well along all of California’s Central Coast. This plant was just a very small one when we moved to Carmel Valley in the County of Monterey. We acquired the home and garden in 1988. The jade plant was very small and now is a six foot and growing Jade Tree. It flowers in December and early into the next year with white flowers.

In the attached image you can see new plants growing from the mother Jade Tree. We have taken three of these small plants and placed them to in soil planers connected to our drip system which sends water their way twice a week when it is not raining.

The new plants are growing into small Jade Trees. The garden is near the Carmel River (bottom land soil” as described in a famous Movie. Carmel Valley has a lot in common with yours and one of them are these great plants which are supposed to bring good luck.


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