Gaviota Rest Area to Close for Major Renovations

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Source: Caltrans

The Gaviota Roadside Rest Areas near US 101 will undergo a major Wastewater System Improvement Project beginning Friday, June 11.

As a result, the Gaviota Rest Areas will be closed in both directions 24/7 from Friday, June 11 until February of 2022.

The Gaviota Safety Roadside Rest Area (SRRA) project will include upgrades to the wastewater treatment and electrical systems, the installation of a new water storage tank/pump house and a new crew building.

The contractor for this $4.6 million project is Specialty Construction of San Luis Obispo, CA.

For traffic updates on other state highways on the Central Coast motorists can call Caltrans District 5 Public Affairs at (805) 549-3318 or visit the District 5 website at:

[Ed Note: A previous press release stated the construction will begin on Monday, June 14. An updated press release corrected the date to Friday, June 11]

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sfgac055 Jun 08, 2021 11:02 AM
Gaviota Rest Area to Close for Major Renovations

They can stop at one of the many gas stations/the shopping center just off the freeway in Buellton. These guys are professional drivers, they know where to stop :)

chico berkeley Jun 08, 2021 11:45 AM
Gaviota Rest Area to Close for Major Renovations

Seems the rest stop is closed in the summer alot and Gaviota creek water quality diminishes.
"Timing" may be that the creek hardly runs in summer.
Less hydraulics.
Summer "traffic' is more sh#$ with less water and that especially applies this year.
Remember everything runs downhill and the summer concentration in the Gaviota creek is probably off the charts from the rest stop down to the beach during this time of year.
Glad they are addressing it.

chico berkeley Jun 09, 2021 10:42 AM
Gaviota Rest Area to Close for Major Renovations

"Shit runs downhill and payday is friday".
Now it's"we pump shit uphill and payday is wednesday."
I have been to the outfall while fishing that stretch in the old days.
Never caught anything below outfall from RA in those days and I always ASSUMED its from the RA.
Fishing was always good above the RA,but never one fish below the RA, ever.

calmich Jun 08, 2021 05:38 PM
Gaviota Rest Area to Close for Major Renovations

What an absolute boondoggle. This rest area cost many tens of millions of dollars to build and is closed more often than it is open. Who's pockets are getting lined this time? When are we going to change our thought process at the voting booth? Is nobody paying attention?

RHS Jun 08, 2021 06:30 PM
Gaviota Rest Area to Close for Major Renovations

My theory about this constant closure of this rest area is that the state does not want to offer more way stations because tourist sites such as Buellton count on people stopping their to piss. This station is way over taxed. The next rest area is at Camp Roberts I think. This is not a public service but a cop out.

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