Funk Zone Art Walk!

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Funk Zone Art Walk!
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By Robert Bernstein

The Funk Zone Second Friday Art Walk is drawing crowds as big or bigger than First Thursday!

Here are all my photos from the November event.

There are notable differences. First Thursday is well-organized, with a printed map and gallery guide. It is also easily accessible by bus and there are many parking structures in the area. The Funk Zone, not so much. We had to park about half a mile away. Still, the Funk Zone event was worth it.

Our first stop was on Helena Avenue at a venue that did not even show up on the official listing. It offered a wonderful buffet of food:

This typewriter caught my eye. It is the exact model I grew up using. It was my mother's college typewriter

The main exhibit was about photography, including a very large camera in the middle of the room

The sign on this shipping container looked like a joke

At Gray Space Gallery we encountered Lark Batteau who was about to sing

This porcelain snake by Joan Rosenberg-Dent was everyone's favorite and it sold right away

The Arts Fund had a wide assortment of creative pieces. I encountered my friend and Atomic Force Microscope collaborator Dr Paul Hansma whose wife was exhibiting

Here were some of the popular pieces there

We went on to the vast Michael Kate Interiors and Art Gallery where an interview was taking place

We followed signs into Stand Up Paddle Sports

Which led upstairs to Art Studio 121

Where musicians were performing

In a tight space packed with art and food

Then we were on to Sol Hill Studio

Including some political art that was amusing and scary

We headed for The Silo which everyone was talking about

But I am now not sure where we saw this wonderful art

One of the galleries was giving out flowers

Here is what we saw in The Silo

We went in search of some other recommended galleries that we never found. A train sped through as we walked in the dark

In that wandering we found Loveworn on Anacapa Street with a Social Justice Series illuminated in the dark

We made our way to Youth Interactive

And here was the scene outside there

I highly recommend the Funk Zone Art Walk. Just be prepared for disorganization, confusion and getting lost. I guess that is what makes it the Funk Zone!

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a-1511371286 Nov 22, 2017 09:21 AM
Funk Zone Art Walk!

What a nice outing... thanks for bringing us along. Not all the art is to my liking but some I would definitely enjoy on my walls - and that's the nature of it, as it should be.

Flicka Nov 22, 2017 08:09 AM
Funk Zone Art Walk!

Thanks so much. It almost felt like walking along with you.

a-1511358448 Nov 22, 2017 05:47 AM
Funk Zone Art Walk!

And very little of this "Funk" Zone art is funky or fresh - what a surprise!

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