Fundraiser Created for Landscaper Killed in Goleta Hit-and-Run

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Ruben Reyes, 29, was working as a landscaper when he was struck and killed by a passing vehicle in Goleta this week.

On Wednesday afternoon, emergency personnel responded to Storke Road, behind the Camino Real Marketplace. Sheriff’s Deputies were the first on the scene who found a landscape maintenance worker, later identified as Reyes, on the ground in the bicycle lane after being struck by a vehicle.

A deputy began CPR until emergency medical personnel arrived on scene and took over. They quickly determined he was beyond resuscitation and pronounced him dead.

The driver of the vehicle, 19-year-old David Rousso, fled the scene and was later arrested by Deputies at a nearby business. 

An online fundraiser has been created to help support Reyes’ wife and two young children.

“Ruben was not only a cherished member of our community but also a dedicated provider for his family in Puebla, Mexico. He leaves behind a grieving wife and two young children, ages 10 and 6, who depended on him for their well-being,” the fundraising page states.

The fundraiser aims to cover the costs of Reyes’ funeral and the expenses associated with returning him to his family in Mexico, as well as providing financial support to his wife and children with the sudden absence of their sole provider.

“Your generous contributions will make a significant difference in the lives of the Reyes family. Every dollar counts, and your support will help alleviate some of the financial burdens they are facing during this painful period of mourning and transition,” the fundraiser states.

Donations can be made to

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  1. The exact spot where I was hit by a car and nearly killed back in 2002. The lawless driver should be prosecuted and we should help the victim’s family.
    But we also should go after the elected officials who design our community with little regard for pedestrian and bicyclist safety. Vast expanses of pavement with fast moving motor vehicles where no form of life can survive.

    • Planners have known for decades that big shopping centers create an impossibly hostile zone for pedestrians and cyclists. Proper planning distributes retail in a way that avoids such concentration of danger. A lot of this should have been placed in Old Town Goleta, which needs the revitalization.
      Yes, I was coming home from work on my bicycle. In the hospital for a month. Months of physical therapy and speech therapy. Thank you for the kind words, YIN YANG. Very grateful for every day to be alive.

  2. Looks like over $50K raised so far. That’s great. Such a tragic loss of a community member. I agree with SBROBERT – there really needs to be safer bike lanes in that mess of traffic. I don’t allow my kids to ride in the street there, they must walk their bikes on the sidewalk through those intersections. Way too many cars and young, inexperienced drivers.

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