Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

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Photo: CHP
Update by edhat staff
4:00 p.m., October 19, 2019
The Real Fire off Calle Real and Highway 101 near El Capitan State Beach is holding at 420 acres. Incident Command on the scene is planning for 80% containment by Saturday evening, 90% containment by Sunday at 6:00 p.m. and 100% containment by Monday at 6:00 a.m. Full control of the fire is expected by 6:00 a.m. Tuesday. 

Update by edhat staff
5:00 p.m., October 18, 2019

As of 5:00 p.m., Incident Command is reporting the Real Fire is still around 420 acres with 50% containment.

The evacuations have been lifted for El Capitan Canyon and Ocean Mesa RV Park. There are currently 155 firefighters assigned to the fire and full containment is anticipated on Monday.

Update by edhat staff
9:00 a.m., October 18, 2019

The Real Fire is estimated to be 420 acres with 20% containment. Santa Barbara County fire officials state the containment percentage is expected to increase today, but critical fire weather is expected this evening.

There are 105 firefighters on the scene today reinforcing the line and mopping up. 

The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds people to stay vigilant during critical fire weather conditions.

Update by edhat staff
9:40 p.m., October 17, 2019

The Real Fire has reached 443 acres with 20% containment. 

There are 250 firefighters on scene to be reinforced with 200 firefighters for tomorrow's day shift. All evacuations have been lifted except for El Capitan Canyon. No structures have been damaged and there are no injuries.

Update by edhat staff
8:00 p.m., October 17, 2019
The evacuation warning has been lifted for residents between Dos Pueblos Canyon and Winchester Canyon.

Update by edhat staff
7:15 p.m., October 17, 2019

Residents between Dos Pueblos and Winchester Canyons are under an evacuation warning as a fast-moving fire heads towards the El Capitan Campground.

The fire will approach the state beach shortly and is "rapidly unfolding" as crews attack it from the ground and air, said Santa Barbara County Fire Captain Daniel Bertucelli.

Referred to as the "Real Incident," the fire is currently estimated at 50 acres and is actively burning in the canyon area. It's 0% contained and the cause is under investigation.

As of 7:15 p.m., Highway 101 southbound lanes have reopened and the number one northbound lane has reopened, according to CHP. Amtrak has also reopened the railroad lines.

Residents living between Dos Pueblos Canyon to Winchester Canyon are under an Evacuation Warning. While it is just a warning at this time, authorities urge that now is the time to be prepared in case you do need to evacuate. Stay aware as conditions can change quickly.

Fire crews will be on scene all night long and into the morning.

Fire near El Capitan before Highway 101 was shut down (photo: edhat reader Elizabeth)

Update by edhat staff
5:20 p.m., October 17, 2019

Santa Barbara County firefighters and air tankers are responding to a fast-moving, wind-driven fire near the El Capitan Campground.

Highway 101 is closed near the fire. The northbound lanes are closed at Las Varas and the southbound lanes are closed at Refugio. The California Highway Patrol is asking people to steer clear from the area.

Offshore winds are posing a threat currently gusting between 30-45 mph in the area.

Crews responded to the call at 4:32 p.m. Thursday and issued a 2nd Alarm. The nearby campground is being evacuated.

The fire is in the 12000 block of Calle Real on the Gaviota Coast burning east of the El Capitan Campground.

It's currently burning approximately 20 acres with 0% containment.



Reported by Roger the Scanner Guy
4:33 p.m., October 17, 2019

Brush Fire off Highway 101 at El Capitan. A full SB County Fire Department Response.

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giftedinSB Oct 17, 2019 05:36 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

VC Scanner says the 101 is being shut down in both directions north of El Cap. I saw almost a dozen emergency vehicles whizzing by on NB 101 on my way home from work. This could be really bad with all the wind forecasted this weekend.

17m17 minutes ago
Santa Barbara County: The 101 is being shut down in both directions north of Goleta due to a fast moving brush fire. Adjust your travel plans accordingly. #RealFire

Potif Oct 17, 2019 07:45 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

KEYT is generally not much help as far as updates on any fire, anywhere, from my experience. They tend to keep to their normal programming more than any station that I’ve ever known. That often leaves affected people in the dark about what is going on around them... sadly. Having been in the path of several major fires in Santa Barbara... it always amazed me how they keep to their schedule, ‘at the expense’ of their viewers.

a-1571365508 Oct 17, 2019 07:25 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

We are so lucky. Response was so good. ______________________________________________________________________
Incident: 00311 Type: SIG Alert Location: Us101 N / Las Varas Canyon Loc Desc: Lat/Lon: 34.482611 -119.964695
Detail Information
7:18 PM 7 [8] ^NB 101 AT LAS VARAS - #1 LN OPEN / #2 LN STILL CLOSED
7:15 PM 6 [7] ^SB 101 REOPENING
5:50 PM 3 [3] ^SB 101 AT REFUGIO IS CLOSED
5:49 PM 2 [2] ^NB 101 AT LAS VARAS IS CLOSED

a-1571365736 Oct 17, 2019 07:28 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

Or some VERY wise person slowed down the opening: __________________________________________________ CHP: 7:22 PM IF WE OPEN THE SB SIDE W/O OPENING THE NB #1 WE WILL HAVE TC [traffic collisons] IN TURNING TRFC AROUND

Z Oct 17, 2019 07:27 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

Watched from up on Refugio Rd,, fire laying down at 7:15. Couldn't see down into El Cap Ranch area, but much less smoke. Fine air show late afternoon: 4 S-2s, BAE 246, DC-10 made five passes supporting the west flank, CH-47 spent a couple of hours in direct attack, County copter too. No freeway traffic yet, but smoke is way down. Great response. Hope the logistics crew gets some dinner up to the firefighters.

a-1571366596 Oct 17, 2019 07:43 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

Email from the City of Goleta at 7:31:

Due to changing conditions of the El Capitan fire, the evacuation warning has been LIFTED for residents BETWEEN DOS PUEBLOS CANYON and WINCHESTER CANYON. As always, please remain prepared as conditions may change at any time.
The City is monitoring the situation and will provide updates as they pertain to Goleta. Follow the Santa Barbara County Fire Department on Twitter for the latest news.
Please make sure you are signed up for aware and prepare emergency notifications. Go to www.readysbc.org.

JB86 Oct 17, 2019 08:38 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

Suggestion to all; get a basic scanner, cut out the middleman and uninformed speculation. Uniden is my recommendation. It does take some concentration and effort, and is not for everyone, but is great when big things happen.

MountainMan4865 Oct 17, 2019 08:59 PM
Full Containment Expected Tuesday for El Capitan Brush Fire

Meanwhile, in other news... due to the 101 closure, traffic was bumper to bumper on the 154. People coming home unable to cross at Old San Marcos/Painted Cave. Traffic on OSM backed for for several miles including TWO semi trucks which are now jack-knifed on the hair pins. Have been there for nearly two hours.

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