Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity title=
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity
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By Robert Bernstein

Wealthy property owners have been blocking the public right of way in Montecito for over a year, making it difficult to hike there now. I certainly hope that law and justice prevails. The Sierra Club encourages the public to speak up to support the County in this fight for the public interest.

Given this insanity, I am trying to find new places to hike. My friend and famed City College professor Spencer Sherman recently took me to Fremont Ridge on East Camino Cielo for a short hike. It was all new for me. Here are some of my photos.

The trail is a fire road, so don't be surprised if you see an occasional motor vehicle parked along the way. The hike begins about 1.5 miles east of Highway 154 at this nondescript gate with no markings.
Yuccas in bloom were one of the highlights.After about a mile you get a nice view into the Santa Ynez Valley. The trail keeps going down, but this was our turnaround point.Looking to the west you get a nice view of Lake Cachuma.

And looking to the east you get a nice view of what used to be Knapp's Castle.I believe this is a checkerspot butterfly.

Bush poppies.Pearly everlasting.Sticky monkeyflowers.This looks to me like a dandelion all ready to blow away!Indian paintbrush.Just before returning to the road, Spencer took us on a fork up into a pine forest.This whole area is scattered with beautiful rock formations. But hidden in the pine forest we came upon this especially interesting rock formation. Yes, it is unfortunate that it has been damaged by very stupid humans and paint. Still cool!This July 4th weekend, my wife and I went back on our own. At the turnaround point I discovered it is possible to get a unique view of the Cold Springs Arch Bridge with Lake Cachuma beyond.Here was the view as we ascended to the pine forest, looking back toward the main trail.On our way out via the pine forest we also were surprised to find a mariposa lily blooming late in the season!Here you can see the rest of my photos from this more recent hike at Fremont Ridge.

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El Barbareno Jul 05, 2022 11:15 AM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

Having read the diaries of Fremont's soldiers with descriptions of where they camped before ascending the ridge, the ascent itself and where they camped after, it is clear they went up "Fremont's Ridge."

BlueHorseshoe Jul 05, 2022 07:03 AM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

Gotta say, the “insanity” in montecito causing the parking solution is entirely caused by the disrespect of the “hikers” arriving from out of town in flip flops, board shorts, and carrying a 12 pack. Trashing the area and driving drunk away from the trail. A local neighbor got Tboned by a hiker last week, and the area has been a dump since covid. Its not the neighbors fault there is no respect for the locals.

a-1657043329 Jul 05, 2022 10:48 AM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

"Alternative facts" are lies. This is a total lie. The Montecito trails are beautiful. Hikers clean up trash, they don't leave trash. What is trash is this kind of lying by wealthy entitled people to keep other people out of their neighborhood.

JoeSixPack Jul 04, 2022 09:38 PM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

Kudos for escaping the insanity of the holiday celebrations and thanks for the posting and photos of what looked like a nice day hike. My question is specifically what is the historical accuracy of this “fire road” to be the actual Fremont Trail that Fremont was guided over by Foxen to capture Santa Barbara. There exists numerous early abandoned paths over the Santa Ynez Mountain range. There were early Indian paths, then (varying) stagecoach paths and later turnpike paths, all before the current paved road (and arch bridge) that now makes up Hwy 154. Historical accuracy and clarification of all of these would be enlightening.
Thanks again,

Babycakes Jul 04, 2022 03:09 PM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

Robert: Thanks for sharing the great photos. In my opinion, the "wealthy people" are preserving much of our nature. You are relatively a newcomer to our area, and would not understand why us locals cannot stand what places like Redrock have become. Hollister Ranch is next on the list to become the next disgraced grafitti- covered trash dump. Again, this is my perspective on how the public treats our wonderful natural spaces.

Babycakes Jul 06, 2022 08:39 AM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

MarcelK: There is an old idiom/saying: "Don't shoot the messenger." The basic meaning behind this is to not get angry/upset or have a meltdown toward the person who presents information that you find undesireable. Not everyone has the capacity or even the willingness to even consider a differing opinion in any shape or form. The good news is that we can all change and become more open to new ideas that are fresh and unfamiliar without getting angry or the need to lash out at "the messenger." For example, some years ago I was wandering about in Peloponnese area of Greece on the cheap (camping, hostels, etc.), and someone suggested that we buy a bottle of "retsina", which is flavored with pine tree resin. I said "no way" was there wine flavored with pine resin and that I did not want any. Well, shame on me....turned out what I thought was a joke and complete nonsense was actually quite tasty wine! That's when I learned not to "shoot the messenger" for telling me about the nonsensical wine with pine resin in it. Since that time, I don't have it in my heart to crush someone for telling me the truth.

Babycakes Jul 05, 2022 07:24 AM
Fremont Ridge Hike an Escape from Montecito Insanity

@7:44: LOL! Of alllll the people (commenters) that you could have asked "do you understand justice", it would be me. Hmmmmm....where do I start? Well, here is a hint: justice is not equal and justice is not fair and justice is not punishment. Think about is NOT e-q-u-a-l and it is NOT f-a-i-r....and it is NOT p-u-n-i-s-h-m-e-n-t. As for "wealthy" people...if you are a commenter on Edhat, you are by definition wealthy compared to those who do not have: a computer, a car, a roof over their head, food to eat, cell phone, a pair of shoes, health insurance, an education, air conditioning, or viable future. So, don't get all that with the "wealthy" and everything all the time.

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