Free Rain Shut-Off Sensors

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

A rain sensor is an irrigation shutoff device that prevents an automatic sprinkler system from turning on during and after a rain storm. Rain shut-off sensors are wired to an irrigation system controller and override the scheduled irrigation when a sensor on the shutoff device detects water.

Rain Sensor

When the collected rainwater has evaporated from the sensor, scheduled irrigations resume. Rain shut-off sensors are simple, economical and useful tools for preventing irrigation that would be wasteful. Rain shut-off sensors work best for short off periods. For extended periods, it is more accurate to have sprinkler timer in the "off" position.

City water customers can get a rain shut-off sensor for free when they get a free Water Checkup. Call the Water Conservation Hotline at (805) 564–5460 to schedule a free checkup at your home or business and receive a free rain sensor!

Video: How to Install a Rain Shut-Off Sensor 

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CivilEngineer Mar 10, 2018 07:37 PM
Free Rain Shut-Off Sensors

Free! Doesn't cost anyone anything! No taxes or grants or donations from billionaires were used to pay for these! Maybe they are magical devices?

Factotum Mar 10, 2018 11:36 AM
Free Rain Shut-Off Sensors

Is letting city inspectors on your property "for free" a good idea? Or do you end up with a laundry list of code violations and demands for mandatory new upgrades as a result. It has gotten very dangerous to deal with the ever-sweeping new regulations in this city and its underling minions looking for new revenue streams. Ever try to trim a tree on your own lot, let alone cut one down?

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