Free Eyeglasses Donated to Carpinteria Children

Free Eyeglasses Donated to Carpinteria Children title=
Free Eyeglasses Donated to Carpinteria Children
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By Roy Lee

It all started over dinner, Mr. and Mrs. Feldman were having dinner Uncle Chen Restaurant in Carpinteria, which is the business I own and operate. The dinner rush was over and I had a chance to sit down and talk to Rick and his wife Zsa Zsa. Through our conversation, I learned about "Kid's Day," which is usually held in December at the Eyeglass Factory on Milpas. It's a day where any kid, under the age of 18 can get a free eye exam and glasses. Most of the families that attended were from Santa Barbara. 
I was inspired by Mr. Fledman and the next day I contacted him and asked if he wanted to get involved with the Carpinteria community. He said yes and I contacted our school superintendent, Mrs. Rigby. Within less than a weeks time, Rick and his wife, myself, Mrs. Rigby, Kristen Escobedo, and Wade Nomura (our city council member) had a meeting at Uncle Chen Restaurant.
What happened at the meeting was just awesome, Mr. Feldman offered to provide kids in our community/school district with free eyeglasses and eye care if needed. And the Lions Club would help with free eye exams. This generosity will benefit so many kids in the Carpinteria community. 
With all the negative news we hear about every day, it's nice to read about something so positive and encouraging in our community.
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Flicka Aug 22, 2017 01:41 PM
Free Eyeglasses Donated to Carpinteria Children

Terrific story. Imagine how hard it is for children in school when they can't see well. And, how do you know w/o an eye exam. When one of my daughters was a young teen she said it was "stupid" for the numbers on the riders at a horse show to be so "unreadable". That was my indication she needed an eye exam, and sure enough she needed glasses. The Eye Glass Factory is extremely generous in their care and respect for youngsters. Thank you!

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