Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect title=
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect
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Update by Santa Barbara Police Department
January 21, 2022

On January 20, 2022, around 4:50pm, the Santa Barbara Police Combined Communications Center received a report of a battery in progress occurring in the 500 block of Bath Street. Officers arrived on scene and observed the suspect actively battering the 64-year-old male victim.

An SBPD K-9 Officer verbally ordered the suspect to cease the attack. The suspect looked at the Officer and fled northbound running into an apartment complex. The victim informed the K-9 Officer the suspect had potentially robbed him of his cellular phone. Multiple other Officers arrived on scene and established a perimeter around the complex. A Motorcycle Officer was able to locate the suspect on a second story balcony of the apartment complex.

The suspect, later identified as Carlos Undabahena, a 21-year-old Santa Maria resident, failed to obey multiple Officer’s commands to surrender and fled into an apartment that had its front door open. Officers pursued Undabahena into the residence for a moment where he attempted to punch and actively fight multiple Officers. One of the Officers was struck in the face by Undabahena and a foam, non-lethal projectile was deployed striking him in the leg having little effect. The K-9 Officer then deployed his police dog, biting Undabahena. Undabahena was able to break free from the police dog and attempted to flee again. Officers gave chase and after a brief foot pursuit Undabahena was taken into custody.

During the incident, Undabahena managed to injure a total of three Officers and one Sergeant. All the Officers were treated for some form of minor – moderate injuries. One was treated at Cottage Hospital Emergency Room. Undabahena sustained minor injuries and refused all forms of medical treatment. The victim sustained minor injuries and sought his own medical treatment.

Once Undabahena was in custody, Officers learned from the victim that he was making multiple homophobic threats and statements while attacking.

Undabahena was arrested and transported to Santa Barbara County Jail for Violence Against an Officer (felony), Battery Causing Injury to an Officer (felony), Resisting Arrest (misdemeanor), Hate Crime (misdemeanor), and Battery (misdemeanor). Undabahena also had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. He is being held on $50,000 bail. 

Reported by Scanner Andrew
5:13 p.m., January 20, 2022

An assault occurred in the 500 block of Bath Street resulting in a major police response

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ZeroHawk Jan 21, 2022 09:18 AM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

i cam upon this yesterday on my way home. One of the officers is a good friend of mine. Story is, younger guy, mentally impaired at the time, attacked a few locals hanging out on the wall having a cigarette. the attackees are fine, defended themselves. It was a pretty big police presence. A lot of witnesses.

a-1642854719 Jan 22, 2022 04:31 AM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

I assume that regarding law enforcement, abrasions and bruises are considered "injuries." Which they should be, from an employment perspective. It can be difficult sometimes to extend it to some professions, especially those that involve physical activity, but if I get a bruise from a customer or protester while I'm working at a medical clinic, shelter (2 or 4 legged) or the office of ANY profession, I want it noted when I'm injured! I've been a testifying witness for a supervisor who was attacked on the job, this was decades ago.

a-1642855544 Jan 22, 2022 04:45 AM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

What I mean by abrasions and bruises"in this case and re: LE is the kind of tiny cuts, scrapes and bruises one may come up with after a full day working in the garden or even cooking. I often find nicks, scrapes and bruises that I have no recollection of getting while house cleaning, gardening and working in the kitchen.
I don't think we ever know the extent of officers' injuries unless and until they are cited in court documents.
It's still right to have them medically checked so that the injuries can be documented.

Ahchooo Jan 22, 2022 07:57 PM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

I’m glad the injuries are not serious. But any injuries count. If someone scratched or bruised me in my job, you can bet I wouldn’t laugh it off. And any time the skin is broken, that’s an avenue for serious infection. So, not trivial.

ZeroHawk Jan 24, 2022 09:05 AM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

not sure that i'm an LE supporter, but what they are classifying as injuries, are minor. any type of injury that they receive on duty has to be recorded and documented. they really don't have a choice in the abrasion could be minimal but i've had plenty that just sucked and were painful.

a-1642854447 Jan 22, 2022 04:27 AM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

And noozhawk reported it was 30k! Wonder if that's still posted.

"According to the Sheriff’s Office custody records, Undabahena was being held on $30,000 bail as of Friday. "

It may, of course, be edited by the time you read it. One of these two sources is incorrect. I was shocked to read how low the bail was and I'm liberal supporter of bail reform.

Zerohawk, no neighborhood talk of what crap the attacker was talking?

Basicinfo805 Jan 23, 2022 05:31 PM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

I see a number of police haters out here who still think cops should be downgraded (“defund the police!!”). Give it up. Go ahead and try to jump in and deal with such a situation if you want to.

I didn’t think so.

If you’re sour because you think your tax dollars are being wasted you’re right, but it’s not coming from law enforcement. It’s the local government ‘sitting in a chair beauracracy’ that’s doing that.

a-1643087216 Jan 24, 2022 09:06 PM
Four Officers Injured Arresting Hate Crime Battery Suspect

We have seen what 'defund the police' means over the last year. It means less money for law enforcement, it means releasing criminals back onto the street early, and it means an incredibly high increase in crime nation wide.

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