Four Injured in Santa Maria Home Explosion

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Santa Maria officials are reporting four people were injured in a home explosion on Wednesday.

The house located at 1219 Jackie Lane was essentially leveled after a suspected gas-related issue. Officials evacuated the area that affected ten nearby houses. 

Four people were injured following the incident. One woman was extricated from the destroyed home, another woman was extricated from an adjacent home, and two other people located behind the home were injured. 

The official cause of the explosion has yet to be determined.

By the Santa Maria Police Department

On 8/23/23 at 1210 hours Santa Maria Police Officers were detailed to the 1200 block of Jackie Lane for a possible explosion inside a residence.

The situation quickly evolved into an active structure fire, and SMPD Officers responded and found a residence engulfed with flames.

Officers immediately established search teams and went into residences, searching for and extracting residents, who are now receiving medical treatment. 

At this time, the exact cause of this situation is unknown, and this is an active investigation. 

Photos: Santa Maria Fire Department



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  1. I am going to go out on a limb and predict that the explosion was due to “honey oil” processing… The pot-pickers often get to keep or have first option to buy-cheap the “Shake” (the stems and leaves not utilized). They take this “Shake” and compress it and heat it with BUTANE… Butane is highly flammable and explosive when compressed

    • When you say “I’m going to go out on a limb” and “I was wrong” you are only trying to camouflage your obsession with seeing all things as either criminal plots or conspiracy from the left and such. You would be a more honorable person if you admitted that you too freely speculate in harmful ways.

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