Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack

Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack title=
Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack
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(Daniel J. Chen mugshot / UCPD)

A former UC Santa Barbara student will be sentenced to 36 years in prison for the brutal gang rape and attack of another student in February 2014.

Daniel Jiang Chen, 22, accepted a plea bargain on Wednesday for two felony counts of rape and one felony count of robbery. 

On February 23, 2014, the female victim was physically and sexually assaulted on UC Santa Barbara's campus by Chen and presumably others in what was described by police as a gang rape. The victim was also robbed of her cell phone after the attack. 

Authorities received a 911 call near 4:00 a.m. and discovered the victim sustained severe injuries including a broken nose, eye trauma, and a ruptured eardrum. DNA and evidence was collected and entered into a database, however, the suspects remained unidentified for two years. In February 2016, Chen was arrested on a felony marijuana charge where his then submitted DNA sample matched the DNA from the crime scene. 

The official sentencing hearing is scheduled for October 20.

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yourfakereality Sep 01, 2017 10:49 AM
Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack

So the first thing I do is google 'daniel j chen', and the first hit is an article claiming the "defendant" pleaded not guilty. The piece also says a lawsuit was filed against UCSB for negligence, and claims a row of trees was removed between UCSB's track & the tennis courts. From The Daily Nexus: "The lawsuit says that at the time of the attack, “it was impossible for anyone to see or hear what was happening within the space” because of foliage that stretched for about a block. Satellite images from Google Earth show that a significant number of trees and shrubbery were removed within six months of the attack, making the location more visible from bordering bike paths and the corner of El Colegio Road and Stadium Road." But when I get to Google Earth, I discover that the trees either were NOT removed, or in some inexplicable act of defiance, UCSB replaced the trees at some point AFTER the article was written. If that isn't hard enough to swallow all by itself, we're also supposed to believe that a judge would accept a guilty plea in a gang rape when none of the other suspects has been identified or apprehended, and there doesn't appear to have cooperated with the police in any way. And why would any defendant plead guilty in a case where they are being charged with 3 felony strikes? I'm not going to call this story "fake news" because I think those phony "satellite" pictures of tree removal pretty much speak for themselves. Here's a link to the story at The Daily Nexus, and I have screen shots of everything to prove I'm no liar:

tagdes Sep 01, 2017 01:02 PM
Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack

Again... forget your conspiracy theory. SACJON is correct. The dates are all right there. The trees removed and shown in the Apr 2015 street view insert are clearly dense pines or another type of evergreen and are also clearly gone in the 2017 imagery. Best let your imagination move on to some new totally unfounded fake news.

sacjon Sep 01, 2017 11:47 AM
Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack

Did you look on Google Maps or Google Earth? Google Maps still shows the trees there, while Google Earth shows them gone as in the photos from the Daily Nexus. Must be that Google Earth is more current. Perhaps Google Maps is using an older image to fill in the area?

therealbebe Sep 01, 2017 07:52 AM
Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack

Glad to see he got what he deserved. And I hope this case serves as encouragement to any person who suffers a sexual crime - this girl was brave enough to report it and go through a rape kit (in itself not a pleasant experience after all that trauma). That's what ultimately lead to this guy being caught. Violent offenders rarely commit just one crime.

Roger Aug 31, 2017 03:22 PM
Former UCSB Student Sentenced for Brutal Rape Attack

Enjoy the time you do in State prison for what you did to that poor girl you may not do the full 36 years but for what you did it might seem like a thousand years because I think there are still a few inmates in prison that don't like rapists especially someone that ruins the promising life of another person.

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