Forever Young at the Rod Stewart Concert

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By Fired Up Fred

Saturday night at the Santa Barbara Bowl, Rod Stewart had the performance of a lifetime, or my lifetime anyway. Such a great talented performer. He put on one Hollywood-style glitzy performance.

Rod came out in a shiny gold blazer and black pants with his talented and beautiful backup singers that sang "Addicted to Love." It was just like the music video with the girls behind him playing guitars. It was really a great way to start the show.

Rod sang, danced, and flipped the microphone stand around just like in the days of old. He kicked out soccer balls and even headed one out to the audience. Then I remembered that he was going to be a professional footballer (soccer) but choose music instead, against his dad's wishes. It didn’t turn out so bad, I bet his Dad came to think.

He sang all of his greats, "Addicted to Love," "Maggie May", "You Wear it Well." Towards the end he sang "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You." Expressing to his audience that he was so thankful and appreciative of their love and support over the years.

I think he would have gone all night but one of his backup singers told him we only had 10 minutes left. He said, "well let’s try and do a couple more songs." The Bowl has a strict policy about ending the shows at 10 pm, ya know!

Rod showed that he is still and forever will be a great talented performer. The crowd was on their feet dancing and singing along. I can’t remember when I’d had so much fun. But let’s not talk about my memory.

With all that is happening in the world today, music can bring you such joy and Rod did just that Saturday night.

So treat yourself, go out and see a concert at my favorite venue (The Bowl), kick up your heels, let your hair down and have some fun. I sure did!

For me, I will be resting my heels for the next few days. Thanks Rod!

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ginger1 Jun 21, 2022 04:21 PM
Forever Young at the Rod Stewart Concert

Apparently BIG difference from his last concert here three years ago. Perhaps he was ill or otherwise out-of-sorts. I could understand. He struggled through his act and at times sat down and let the women carry the tunes. He dissed the audience for not being excited enough, cut the program short, and, with a scowl, marched off the stage before even finishing the song.

I'm glad it was a better experience this time. I'd much rather remember the good 'ole Rod.

sbrobert Jun 22, 2022 12:26 PM
Forever Young at the Rod Stewart Concert

Rod Stewart indeed gave a memorably enjoyable show! My wife is younger than me and doesn't always enjoy music of my era. But she really had a good time, too. The other musicians were world class superb. I loved the violinists! At one point the "backup singers" performed Blondie's "Call Me" and sounded just like the original!

He also was good with people taking photos and videos of his performance. Unlike many other performers who demand this not be allowed.

He even came on stage early! What musician does that? And he indeed played until the very last second at 10:00PM!

I also enjoyed the first act with Cheap Trick. They were a bit rough around the edges, but at the end, they performed their big hits "I Want You to Want Me" and "Surrender".

My one beef is with the County Bowl. I do not do smart phones. They make it almost impossible to get tickets if you don't do smart phones. You have to go in person to the box office. Pay your money. Then trust that you are somehow in their mysterious, ethereal system. You get no printed receipt at all. Am I the only one who finds this troublesome? Am I the only one who also enjoys having a real paper ticket that you can keep as a souvenir?

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