Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites Through April

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Source: Los Padres National Forest Service

USDA Forest Service appreciates the public’s interest in outdoor recreation, particularly in light of current events. The Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service, in response to the recent statewide shelter-in-place order issued by the Governor of California, is joining the cause to aggressively mitigate the spread of COVID-19 by closing developed recreation facilities on our National Forests statewide.

“Developed recreation sites” refers to designated recreational use areas designed to facilitate public use. Information on individual recreation sites and opportunities are available from local National Forests.

Closures of developed recreation facilities are being put in place until at least April 30th in an attempt to avoid groups of people and promote social distancing of staying more than six feet apart.

While designated recreation sites will be closed, the general Forest area including the extensive trail system will remain open and available to the public. Hiking and walking outdoors are widely considered beneficial to maintaining one’s health. It is the intent of USDA Forest Service to maintain trail access to the extent practicable.

Please keep health, safety and the environment in mind when visiting National Forests. Your personal responsibility is critical to ensuring public safety and preventing further restrictions. We ask that you consider whether your personal participation in outdoor recreation at this time would pose an unnecessary risk to others as we all work together to flatten the curve and slow the spread of COVID-19.

We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our National Forests safe and healthy for everyone’s use.

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LooseCannon Mar 26, 2020 06:24 PM
Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites Through April

So it looks like all of the campsites and day use areas are now CLOSED through the end of April, if I understand the Los Padres website.

This is BULLSHIT. It's my favorite recreation area locally. Sparsely attended.

I live in a home the size of a shipping container and I need to get outdoors. Was going to take my daughter to BBQ at the Lower Oso area this weekend. The BBQ areas are very far apart from each other. Closing this recreation is OVERKILL. Booooooooooo.

It's also idiotic. Close these sparsely-attended areas, and people will all congregate on the beaches, whether the parking lots are closed or not.

Stupid draconian rules imposed by people who live comfortable lives in large family homes big backyards.

Potif Mar 26, 2020 07:09 PM
Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites Through April

LOOSECANNON — Hmmm... I’m in one ROOM smaller than a shipping container. In an independent senior living place. No backyard. No TV, just my computer. We can go outside, with areas to sit few and far apart. But, it’s too darn cold to sit outside. Our dining room is now closed, so we can only pick up meals, and eat in our rooms. Actually, I’m a retired nurse... I’m okay with them closing down outside areas, and beaches. People haven’t been adhering to the SEVERE SUGGESTION of staying away from each other... because of all the... “I don’t need to... I’m too young... I’m not sick... I’m NOT standing too close... etc.” reasons. SO it needed to be mandated. Sorry if it’s inconvenient for you... it is for just about everyone.

LooseCannon Mar 26, 2020 06:54 PM
Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites Through April

I am trying to stay sane, and entertain a daughter who has cabin fever. It's all very well for rich people, living in their large compounds, to formulate these policies, but closing off recreation areas will not stop working-class people from going outside. It will only force them to congregate in great concentrations, which isn't good for me, my daughter, other working-class people, or the community at large. So you screw YOU.

Potif Mar 27, 2020 10:31 PM
Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites Through April

I hope it does create more reality for all people, that this is serious. If you, or anyone goes out, no matter how careful you are... how are you going to stop another person from coming up to you to ask something, or for help. It is risky enough for anyone when a person HAS to go out for essential items or care.

SB1961 Mar 27, 2020 03:01 PM
Forest Service Closes Recreation Sites Through April

Another casualty in the age of litigation.
Forest Service is just protecting themselves from lawsuits that may arise if someone was to claim they got Covid19 virus from someone using these sites. Open air social distancing is certainly possible in these sites and it would be nearly impossible to get infected in one of these picnic areas.

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