Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

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Update by Foodbank of Santa Barbara County

After an eight-year-long search, the Foodbank of Santa Barbara County secured a new warehouse at 80 Coromar Drive in Goleta. 

With 57,000 square feet of warehouse space already built and another 20,000 square feet of existing office space, the property was ideally suited to south county’s food banking needs and required fast action. 

While the space has been secured with $3 million from Foodbank reserves and a loan of $9.7 million from Montecito Bank & Trust, $15 million will need to be raised in the coming year to complete the purchase and effect needed warehouse renovation (racks, cooler/freezer equipment, adding a loading dock, replacing the roof, adding solar power and making seismic improvements).

“The cost of land and building from scratch is so prohibitive, this space was an opportunity we couldn’t afford to pass up,” explained Erik Talkin, Foodbank CEO. “We’ve been exploring ways to grow and improve our Santa Barbara facility for years, especially since we have experienced how suddenly need can increase and capacity to meet it can be impaired when disaster strikes.”

“We’ve seen in recent years what happens when a transport channel into the county gets blocked, as with the Montecito Debris Flow that shut down the 101,” Talkin added. “But if 101 and 154 were blocked by, say, a major earthquake, we wouldn’t be able to move food between north and south county. Santa Barbara, Goleta and Carpinteria would face a real crisis of food access.”
The Foodbank’s current space -- adjacent to the Ben Page Youth Center on Hollister Avenue, and leased from the County of Santa Barbara – is only 9,000 square feet and holds only 15 percent of the food needed to feed those facing hunger in south county. The current warehouse necessitates that food be trucked down daily from the Foodbank’s primary facility in Santa Maria. 

And space limitations result in tens of thousands of pounds of healthy donated produce being turned away from wholesalers in Los Angeles due to inadequate cold storage.

Meanwhile, the Foodbank continues to provide nearly double the food annually that it did pre-Covid; and expects increased need to continue for 18 to 24 more months as the long-term impact of the Covid-19 economic crisis unfolds.

Ongoing community support is essential to maintain necessary food sourcing and distribution.

The Foodbank has occupied its current for so long, few remember that it was formerly a fire station. It cannot be expanded because the space is slated to fill other county needs.

The Foodbank is currently conducting feasibility studies and working with private partners, corporations and foundations to establish a base fund to finalize purchase of the new warehouse. A campaign for public support will launch in 2022. 

Community members who wish to support those facing hunger may donate at

Source: Hayes Commercial Real Estate

The Foodbank of Santa Barbara County purchased a 77,900 SF warehouse/office property at 80-82 Coromar Dr in Goleta for its own use. The price for the off-market sale was $12.7 million.

Liam Murphy and Greg Bartholomew of Hayes Commercial Group represented the Foodbank in the transaction, which is the culmination of a five-year search for the perfect facility. Dave Pintard of Pintard Commercial Real Estate and Kristopher Roth of Hayes Commercial Group represented the seller.

“In the past 18 months Foodbank has doubled the amount of food and services it provides to the residents of Santa Barbara County,” Murphy said. “We are honored to help Foodbank acquire this property, which will enable them to continue to increase their services, including accepting and distributing food to alleviate food scarcity and insecurity.”

Built in 1984, the property consists of two buildings on a 4.3-acre parcel. The prominent location near the corner of Hollister Avenue and Los Carneros Road is in the heart of Goleta’s business corridor, with easy access to the freeway. 80 Coromar Dr is a 57,600 SF warehouse building with twenty-foot ceilings, and multiple loading doors, providing an ideal hub for Foodbank’s South County distribution operations. 82 Coromar Dr is a 20,300 SF office building to house their operations team.

Foodbank plans to occupy a portion of both buildings and lease additional space to other non-profits and businesses working to improve the community. Questions about leasing the available space can be directed to Liam Murphy or Greg Bartholomew.

As stated on its website, Foodbank of Santa Barbara County’s mission is to end hunger and transform the health of Santa Barbara County through good nutrition.

In support of this mission, Hayes Commercial Group contributed a $10,000 matching grant to the Foodbank’s “hunger action month” fundraising campaign.

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krichards Oct 08, 2021 12:24 PM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

Congratulations! I'm very happy to see that the Food Bank found a home! I was surprised that the article did not mention that for the last 2 years they have been given warehouse space by the City of Goleta at the old Direct Relief International Building (and future home of the Goleta Train Depot). The Food Bank provides a great service to people throughout our community, and I'm excited that they have received the support they need to purchase a new facility.

ChillinGrillin Oct 08, 2021 02:54 PM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

Byz: An ignorant and mean-spirited post as usual. I've volunteered for the Foodbank and saw them keep seniors, working parents, single-parent families, and chronically ill people from going hungry. It's remarkable how far "conservatives" like you have strayed from their original values. Shame on you.

sacjon Oct 08, 2021 01:39 PM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

BYZ - you're really a miserable person, aren't you? Something as great and positive for our community like this and you have to sit there moaning about your fictional "Homeless, Inc." Yeah, helping those in need is such a rotten thing. My God you people are pitiful. You complain and kick and scream any time people try to help others. It's sad. It really is.

a-1633708232 Oct 08, 2021 08:50 AM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

Wonderful, this is a smart choice that will benefit many. I fear we are headed for some scary times here in California and America. The cost of living has become astronomical. Wages no longer track cost of living, by far. Employer-offered healthcare is by and large still extremely expensive between employee-paid premiums and out of pocket costs. Corporations are buying homes the moment they hit the market for far over asking, then renting for extreme prices. First-time home buyers are screwed. Renters are screwed. At least the Food Bank will be able to provide sustenance as more and more people end up on the streets. Something needs to change.

a-1633728503 Oct 08, 2021 02:28 PM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

With a single party super-majority rule in CA for the past 30+ years we know exactly whose fault that is @11:55. But let's all keep voting the same way and hope they'll do something different next time.

Byzantium Oct 08, 2021 12:19 PM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

11:55, you ignore how spartan our lives were back when a single wage earner could support a family and own a home. The 1950's nostalgia? Shed 75% of what you call your current necessities, live within your means, drop all unhealthy life style habits, and yes, know when you must leave, when it is obvious you can't make it go in a high-cost premium area.

a-1633719329 Oct 08, 2021 11:55 AM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

BYZANTIUM, Yes, that is the traditional argument we have been hearing for decades. However, it ignores the massive paradigm shift going on not only in real estate, but in the way the middle class is treated as a whole. I speak not of the government-dependent demographic, but the middle class. Gone are the days when a single person could support a family and buy a home on a median income. Gone are the days of affordable healthcare and reasonable employer-sponsored insurance. I could go on and on. We are headed to a dangerous, dystopian society fast. "Then leave" does nothing to address the issues at hand.

Byzantium Oct 08, 2021 09:39 AM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

The only thing that need to change is people need to move to lower cost areas and not demand others support them to live in high cost premium areas. It is so simple and it is so obvious -do not live beyond your means. It is old wisdom. So the only change is going back to common sense lifestyle choices.

SBSand Oct 08, 2021 08:43 AM
Foodbank of Santa Barbara County Purchases Goleta Warehouse

This is awesome! I wonder if they will vacate the building on Hollister by the Page Youth Center and if so, what will happen with it? The Foodbank does amazing things for our, and nearby, communities and this will only help.

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