Foggy Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike

Foggy Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike title=
Foggy Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike
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by Robert Bernstein,

Once again I led a Sierra Club hike from Gibraltar Rock to Flores Peak!

Here are all my photos!

It was a very foggy day, yet our wonderful group enjoyed it all! And there was plenty to enjoy. Notably, the colorful wildflowers and the ethereal, mystical feel of the fog. The wildflowers sparkled with dew. Here was hummingbird sage looking like precious jewels.

This Indian Paintbrush sparkled as if it was covered in frost

Turkish Rugging really does look like a majestic intricately woven carpet

The fog made the flowers look like they were illuminated from another dimension

This sculpted eerie rock fit well with the theme

The trail is very, very steep and slippery in places and I worried this would be a problem in a fog. No problem at all for our agile group! Here Liz led the way behind me as we neared the top

This bouquet of Pearly Everlasting greeted us at the summit

Kathy smiled as we enjoyed snacks in cloud rock garden

Coming down is even scarier than the ascent. Architect Ellen led the way as if it was no big challenge and the others followed with confidence

Here Ryan made the final descent through a lush dripping area of ferns, mosses and manzanitas

No rain, but we were a bit damp from the vegetation! A magical, enjoyable mystery tour!​

Remember, the Sierra Club usually has about four hikes each week! 

Here you can find one that is right for you!​


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sbrobert Jun 13, 2019 10:44 AM
Foggy Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike

Thank you for the correction Red Creek! And glad you are up for joining the hikes Shasta Guy! We have many different hike leaders, each with his or her own style... and preferred trails. Something for everyone.

Red Creek Jun 13, 2019 09:11 AM
Foggy Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike

Thanks for the photos. First flower however is Woolly Bluecurls, Trichostema lanatum, which is truly spectacular this spring in the mountains.

Shasta Guy Jun 13, 2019 07:08 AM
Foggy Flores Peak Sierra Club Hike

What wonderful pictures with a happy trail crew. It’s June, yet there are still plenty of wildflowers and ferns. Thanks for the link to the schedule. With the busy school year over I’d like to join you.

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