Five Arrested for Attempted Murder of Family Member

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Update by the Santa Barbara Police Department
July 12, 2021

On 07/10/2021 at approximately 2040 hours, Officers were dispatched to the area of Rancheria and Gutierrez Streets for a report of a check the welfare of a person in lying in the street yelling for help. The person was identified by responding officers as a victim of a felony crime and had multiple injuries.  He was able to speak with Officers on scene prior to being transported to the Hospital for emergency treatment.  It was learned during this initial contact that the victim had been bound and assaulted at their home by several of their own family members.  During the assault however, the victim was able to escape the residence and 911 was called.  Due to the victim’s statement and injuries it was believed several felonious criminal acts had been committed against him while he was in his residence. 
Multiple Officers responded to the victim’s house and were able to locate a crime scene as well as the possible suspects.  A large number of people were in the home at the time Officers made contact and all had to be questioned/interviewed for their statements.  Additional police resources had to be requested to help investigate and it was determined all of the involved people lived together at the residence, and the suspects were upset about the victim’s behavior.  The suspects allegedly restrained and feloniously assaulted the victim physically which resulted in severe injuries.
Five suspects including Alfredo Teliz-Jimenez, 41, Santos Teliz-Jimenez, 43, Jose Urbano Teliz, 49, Pedro Juarez, 43 and Samuray Juarez, 21 were all arrested and booked on the following charges: 664/187 PC – Attempted murder, 206 PC – Torture, 245(A)(4) PC – ADW, 236 PC – False Imprisonment, and 243(D) PC – Battery with Serious injury.  All five suspects reside in the city of Santa Barbara. 
Based on the investigation it has been determined that there is no ongoing public safety threat to the community in connection with this incident.  The investigation is still ongoing and no further information will be released at this time. 

Reported by Scanner Andrew
10:30 p.m., July 10, 2021

Police are on scene on the 500 block of Gutierrez

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Henry Sarria Jul 13, 2021 10:01 AM
Five Arrested for Attempted Murder of Family Member

Oddest thing ever, but I gotta say, somebody was probably bein' held accountable for some kind of "transgression" committed upon the family.
I'm gonna say there's gotta be 2 sides to this story. Ain't gonna make anything right, but from what I see, it's a family affair being handled in a way that ain't right.
Not tryin' to defend the family for their despicable actions, but seriously, why would family lure a relative to their home, restrain & assault the relative? Regardless, odd, strange, weird, but there's probably more to come from this.

Henry Sarria Jul 13, 2021 04:03 PM
Five Arrested for Attempted Murder of Family Member

X01660, totally agreed & I hop you didn't think Iwas tryin' to justify such atrocious behavior. I think I clarified that in my comments. My only "complaint" w/ your comment is you wronged non-human "animals" since those don't commit honor killings, they just kill for food or defense. I 100% agree w/ you though.

ZeroHawk Jul 14, 2021 10:01 AM
Five Arrested for Attempted Murder of Family Member

i live right down the road from half a block. we heard or saw nothing...that's the weird thing. it was very quiet that evening. Didn't see or hear the cops, lights, sirens, ambulance or anything. On the other side of Rancheria from where we reside, there are dozens of high density apartments and small homes at the base of TV Hill. The report said Gutierrez and Rancheria which is my intersection, but nothing happened right there. Maybe a few streets over?

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