Fire Safe Structure Tips

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Source: Santa Barbara County Fire Department

There are three main factors that create a fire safe structure: location of the structure, building materials and design features, and management of nearby vegetation. The Santa Barbara County Fire Department reminds homeowners that the survival of your home from a wildfire with its existing design and location is directly linked to how well you maintain the vegetation around your home. 

  • During wildfires, most home ignitions are caused by flying embers from burning vegetation. Follow these steps to make your home fire safe. 
  • The roof should have a Class A fire rating. A complex roof with many angles can accumulate debris. Keep your roof and gutters clean of debris. 
  • Fires can ignite in the attic due to flying embers. Use attic vents designed to resist the intrusion of embers and flames. 
  • Install dual-pane windows with tempered glass. 
  • Box in or eliminate exposed eaves for additional protection. 
  • Don’t store combustible materials next to your house or under your deck. 
  • New homes should be built away from ridge tops, canyons and saddles. 
  • Post your address so it is visible from the street and maintain your driveway to allow firefighting equipment access. 

For more information on building and maintaining a fire safe structure, please review the Ready! Set! Go! Program at 

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Flicka Jun 08, 2017 09:42 AM
Fire Safe Structure Tips

Strange how the wildfires work. In the Romero fire we had friends on Hidden Valley Lane, they rented a little "shack" that had been built as an artist studio. The new home across the street had a sign, "Fire Proof"; it burned to the ground. The studio had a big oak tree a few feet from the front door that burned. The studio had no damage.

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