Finally, a Rock Opera About Isla Vista

Finally, a Rock Opera About Isla Vista title=
Finally, a Rock Opera About Isla Vista
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Photo: IV Rock Opera

By edhat staff

Warm up your vocal cords because a rock opera has finally been produced about our beloved Isla Vista.

The thirteen-song, six-episode web series follows UC Santa Barbara seniors Sam and Tim as they reflect on their debaucherous schooling years and their uncertain futures. 

The rock opera aims to celebrate the reign of youthful abandon in Isla Vista's beachside community. They meet love interests, get serenaded by IV's legendary vagabond "The Pirate," near misses from Isla Vista Foot Patrol, and run into several enemies including "Moneybags" the slumlord and a mythical character representing the future. The slumlord from "Coyote & Associates" is quite the obvious and comical nod to a local rental management company. The songs and scenarios also touch on the inevitable "out of towners" who have a difficult time adjusting to Isla Vista's lifestyle and party acumen.

The humorous videos have a shockingly high amount of musical talent, from the singers to the full-blown production. Scenic views of ocean-front Del Playa (DP for locals), longboarding to class, couch burning and beer pong matches that hilariously transition to song will tug at the nostalgic heartstrings of any former or current Gaucho.

Crack open a Natty Light and prepare to be entertained. Olé!

The video series is available below:

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Abc109 Jun 15, 2019 02:10 PM
Finally, a Rock Opera About Isla Vista

There was a book published about a year ago by Justin Scales, who grew up in IV and chronicles life there in a collection of short stories. It's hilarious. Called "The Goat Lady's Son and the Child Gladiators of Isla Vista." It's on Amazon. Not for the faint of heart but so good!

Lucky 777 Jun 16, 2019 10:25 AM
Finally, a Rock Opera About Isla Vista

Not closed-captioned, so a lot of the slang jokes whiz past...... You'd think in the PC Age every video producer would be aware enough to add subtitles to their work. Do it now!

Factotum Jun 16, 2019 10:41 AM
Finally, a Rock Opera About Isla Vista

Super-titles are standard today for all operas, including English language works. Good suggestion. Opera, a happy marriage between libretto and orchestral score.

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