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Film Review: Climb
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By edhat staff

Directed by Neil Myers
Written by Neil Myers
World Premiere

Climb is a documentary centered on Santa Barbara triathlete Neil Myers who was nearly killed in a training accident on Gibraltar Road in 2018.

Edhat's very own Roger the Scanner Guy reported on the accident as it was happening in real-time, a bicyclist struck by a vehicle in the 2800 block of Gibraltar Road. Myers himself reached out to edhat to give an update after surviving the collision. He broke 22 bones including his tibia, wrist, six ribs, and nose in two places while also needing 200 stitches to bind a host of lacerations including a brain bleed.

"Let me say once more:  I WAS LUCKY.  There were fifty amazing people (including the pickup driver) who helped save me.  I was so lucky they were on my side that evening.  Words are not enough, I won’t forget this," Myers wrote.

One week after the accident, he signed up to compete in a triathlon that was a year away, with a goal of simply crossing the finish line. Four months after healing and leaving rehab, Neil began his cycling training. Only one year after the accident, he surpassed the goal he had set while he was in the hospital. He and his team won the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon.

Myers put this film together to raise money for hospitals around the country with plans to do screenings in various cities to raise money for Trauma Centers. Santa Barbara has the only Level 1 Trauma Center between Los Angeles and San Francisco, meaning he was just four minutes away from the help that was critical to his survival.

This is a local story about courage, preservation, overcoming obstacles, and giving thanks to those who helped along the way.

Climb world premiered at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, won best documentary in the Sweden Film Awards, and was selected for the Columbia Film Festival in Columbia, Maryland and the Cowpokes International Film Festival in Electra, TX.

The 36th Santa Barbara International Film Festival, presented by UGG, takes place March 31st through April 10th, 2021 online and at two free ocean-front drive-in theatres. More information, festival passes and tickets are available at

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neilmyers Apr 11, 2021 09:13 AM
Film Review: Climb

Thank you for your review. I was planning to write in, so this present a perfect opportunity. The film festival has been cathartic for me. I spent a year recovering from the accident, and then training for the 2019 Santa Barbara Triathlon. Halfway through that process I start a two-year project to create this documentary.

Both of these endeavors had two things in common. On one hand, they both involved a lot of time alone, working my butt off. On the other hand, both also included being helped by our amazing community. My best guess is 350 people helping me recover, train and then make this documentary.

Some came from as far away as New Zealand (my coach) or LA and San Diego (crew for the film). But MOST came from Santa Barbara. And, more than anything, knowing how fully our community "had my back" is what drove my catharsis.

SBIFF was the film's "World Premiere". Thank you to everyone who watched it and reached out to me. After so many hours working night after night in a darkened editing suite, it is a blast to have an audience. As with my accident, it drives an enormous sense of gratitude.

Thanks for mentioning the other film festivals. Here is the entire list (several more are pending):

Sweden Film Awards (Best Documentary)
Santa Barbara International Film Festival
Cowpokes International Film Festival (Electra, Texas)
Boden Film Festival (Boden, Sweden)
American Golden Picture International Film Festival (Jacksonville, Florida)
Oniros Film Awards - New York
Toronto Documentary Feature & Short Film Festival

It will be widely available to see after the film festival season is done (probably by Summer). Until then, most of the film festivals listed will screen it during their festivals.

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