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Film Review: $avvy title=
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By the edhat staff

Directed by Robin Hauser
Starring Haley Sacks
Runtime: 79 min

The teaser states that the film is about women and money, and indeed, it addresses certain societal norms; pay disparity, systemic gender roles that penalize women etc., that result in the financial inequity of women.  But to me, the film primarily highlights the overall financial illiteracy of a generation.

There is a lengthy discussion of credit card debt and predatory lending practices, and those young people who have suffered as a result, mostly due to the lack of basic financial education. The film makes a very valid argument for this sort of education being introduced to students at a young age.

The individual stories presented are really compelling and the women recounting their own experiences and successes are well-spoken. The financial experts in the film are mostly women and represent the growing numbers in the financial world. It’s an educational film to be sure, but also very easy to watch, well done and informative. 

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