Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom

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Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom
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By Robert Bernstein

This is the beginning of the peak season for wildflowers on Figueroa Mountain. We ventured out there on Monday to avoid the weekend traffic from all the "super bloom" hype in the news!

Here are all of my photos and a video!

There was a huge blanket of poppies on the top of Grass Mountain. Here were views from the official parking lot/overlook about 4 miles past the Midland School:

Here was a panoramic view from that spot

This caterpillar was happily curled up inside a poppy at the overlook area

There were plenty of goldfield flowers in that area, too

A bit further along was an oak tree festooned with mistletoe

About 2.3 miles past that first overlook parking area is another overlook parking area on the right. Lots more goldfields there

Also some chocolate lilies

And lots of delicate shooting stars like these

Another half mile along Figueroa Mountain Road is the Ranger Station. And another 0.9 miles past the Ranger Station is a pullout/parking area for the famed poppy and lupine hillside! Just walk a bit further along the road and the hillside rises up to your left!

The term "super bloom" is a bit of an exaggeration for this area. But there are plenty of poppies and lupines to see up close!

Here is a video I made of that hillside

Helen Tarbet of the US Forest Service sends out regular updates during this season about the wildflowers on Figueroa Mountain.

You can email her at <[email protected]> and she will be happy to add you to her email list.

Here is her latest update here on Edhat!


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sbrobert Mar 29, 2019 12:31 PM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom

Thank you all for the kind words. I am not sure I understand the comment at 9:51PM on March 28. Where did you go on your death march? To the top of Grass Mountain? It is not possible to drive to the top of Grass Mountain. It used to be possible to drive part way on a dirt road, but that road is rutted and closed now. The best flowers to see close up are right along the road just about a mile past the Ranger Station on the left.

swarfmaster Mar 29, 2019 07:51 AM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom

Spent Tuesday afternoon with friends overlooking Grass Mountain and the valley. The scene was amazing. Even the clouds added to the experience.

a-1553835096 Mar 28, 2019 09:51 PM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom

Lovely. And here I just did the death march from the parking lot and nearly croaked by the top! Wish I knew You could drive there lol.

Flicka Mar 28, 2019 03:43 PM
Figueroa Mountain Wildflower Bloom

Thank you, Robert, for sharing views of all the gorgeous flowers. Next best to actually going there.

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