Fiesta 2022 Opening Ceremonies This Wednesday

Fiesta 2022 Opening Ceremonies This Wednesday title=
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Source: Old Spanish Days

For the first time in three years, Santa Barbara is having a Fiesta! And this Wednesday, as is tradition, the official opening of the five days of Fiesta will be held at Mercado De La Guerra counting down to the opening of the Mercados at 11 am.

Everyone is cordially invited to attend this annual event where Old Spanish Days and Santa Barbara City officials, join local dignitaries and community members to officially cut the ribbon and open Fiesta for its 98thyear.

“Fiesta is here,” said 2022 La Presidente Maria Cabrera, “The entire Old Spanish Days family thanks everyone in the community -- our valued volunteers, members of our business community, and city and county staff and elected officials – everyone has worked hard, and has worked together, to make this year’s Fiesta a success for our community. We have not been able to have a full Fiesta since 2019, and everyone is ready. We hope that you enjoy Fiesta. Please stay safe, have fun, and remember, Todos Juntos en Familia.”

The official Fiesta Opening Ceremony begins Wednesday, August 3, at 10:50 am at De La Guerra Plaza, with a count-down to the official start at 11 am. This celebratory fanfare begins five days of Fiesta, including two Mercados (De La Guerra Plaza and Del Norte at McKenzie Park), two Parades, dancing nightly at the Courthouse, Fiesta Pequeña at the Mission, Arts and Crafts Show, Rodeo at Earl Warren Showgrounds, plus food, friends, and family. 

“Everything comes together for our community Fiesta,” added La Presidente Cabrera. “We celebrate the Rancho period in California and also of its traditions, culture and fiestas.”

The Rancho Period began in 1833, 12 years following Mexico’s independence from Spain. It lasted officially until 1846, but the traditions, culture and fiestas continued well into the US period. The Rancho Period is a time remembered when Spanish was the official language, and friends, family, and fiestas were the highlight of everyday life. 

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SBREADER Aug 03, 2022 10:49 AM
Fiesta 2022 Opening Ceremonies This Wednesday

Funny history to think about. My Dad was master chef for the Kiwanis pancake breakfast and he was in the Elks Drum & Bugle corp for the Parade and my cousins danced at the Courthouse so lots of Fiesta when I was a kid. Then from about 1973 until about 10 years ago I scheduled my Summer surf vacations around Fiesta to make sure I missed it. Today I like one day, today at the Mercado and Spencer is playing tonight on the street in front of the Pickle Room and I will definitely be there. Going to the rodeo Sunday. That's it.

a-1659545022 Aug 03, 2022 09:43 AM
Fiesta 2022 Opening Ceremonies This Wednesday

started dancing at Fiesta when I was 5 at the Court House and retired that part of my life journey at 18 when I was a Spirit of Fiesta support dancer. I have danced and twirled baton up State Street in more Fiesta parades than I can count and have since also danced on a few Fiesta Floats. Its been fun and the food is great!

Crystalandmaui Aug 02, 2022 10:47 AM
Fiesta 2022 Opening Ceremonies This Wednesday

Wow, this event is beautiful and I look forward to it. The dancers who obviously love it. The sellers the food. Just all of it.
People work had for this event.
Appreciate the Beauty be safe have fun

Gimli Aug 02, 2022 08:22 AM
Fiesta 2022 Opening Ceremonies This Wednesday

Many longtime SB locals do not come out for Fiesta as far back from the 80's. They would just stay at home or leave SB for a few days. I for one never cared for it back in the 60's when I was a kid. Either did my mom and she was from Mexico. But we got dragged out by her friends. "Viva La Fiasco!"

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