Fearless Grandmothers Tell Newsom: No New Drilling

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Source: Society of Fearless Grandmothers, Santa Barbara

On June 14, 2022, the Society of Fearless Grandmothers-Santa Barbara joined activists across the state from Sacramento to San Diego to send Governor Newsom a simple message: SAY NO TO BIG OIL’S GREED!  Don’t allow corporate execs to exploit war and crisis for profit! No drilling in our neighborhoods!

The Grandmothers demonstrated at the Chevron station in Carpinteria, and at Exxon/Mobil stations in Santa Barbara and Goleta. 

BACKGROUND: Oil companies claim that more drilling will lower gas prices. 

But the truth is: More drilling WON’T reduce pain at the pump!

More drilling WILL enrich Fossil Fuel CEOs at our expense: Fossil fuel companies are taking advantage of Putin’s war against Ukraine by raising gas prices and raking in record profits to enrich their executives and investors. U.S. oil and gas producers could collect a windfall of as much as $126 billion in 2022. California’s own Chevron just announced that its profits have already quadrupled to $6.3 billion in just the first quarter of this year. 

More drilling WILL pollute communities: California’s scientists and public health experts know that fossil fuel pollution is a public health crisis that disproportionately hurts low-income, Black, Indigenous, Asian American, and Latinx communities. 22% of new drilling permits issued last year are located within less than a mile of neighborhoods, exposing millions of Californians to toxic pollution linked to asthma, respiratory diseases, cancers, and high-risk pregnancies.

More drilling WILL threaten a livable California: California is already ground zero for the climate crisis. Continuing to drill new wells and drill in neighborhoods could cause more than 425 million metric tons of carbon pollution – further fueling record-breaking wildfires, heatwaves, drought conditions, and threatening the livability of our state.

Follow the money:   Big Oil executives are spending MILLIONS to pressure California lawmakers to resist commonsense regulations and ramp up in-state production. In the past 3 months alone, fossil fuel companies have spent $6 million lobbying for polluter favors in California, with Western States Petroleum Association (WSPA) and Chevron dumping more than $2 million into lobbying efforts. In the past four years, Big Oil spent almost $77.5 million to lobby the California State Legislature and other state officials. NOT TO MENTION the $8 million spent to defeat Ventura County’s Measures A and B in last week’s election.

THEY PROFIT, WE PAY: Fossil fuel pollution could cost Californians a total of $10 TRILLION in more destructive wildfires, worsening drought, air pollution, and premature deaths by 2045, according to a new report from Consumer Watchdog.

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