False Alarm for 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake

False Alarm for 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake title=
False Alarm for 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake
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The U.S Geological Survey (USGS) reports a software glitch sent out an email alert about a 6.8 magnitude earthquake that struck Santa Barbara on Wednesday. As locals know, this earthquake didn't happen this year, but it did in 1925.

According to The Los Angeles Times, someone at Caltech tried to correct the location recorded for the earthquake that took place 92 years ago. The alert was accidentally emailed out around 4:49 p.m., however, it was dated June 29, 2025 at 7:42 a.m. The accidental alert also did not show up on the USGS website and earthquake map.

Earthquake trackers took to social media to question the report as locals were sure they didn't miss such a massive quake. 

USGS issued a statement around 5:30 p.m on Twitter to clear up any confusion.:

(Photo: Mission Santa Barbara following the 1925 earthquake / Southern California Earthquake Data Center)

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Channelfog Jun 26, 2017 04:19 PM
False Alarm for 6.5 Magnitude Earthquake

No one has commented on this worthy thread. Fear mongering aside, it is not a question of if, but one of when SB will endure another similar event. Each person is responsible for his own well being and survival. The solution is not FEMA, the City or anyone else. It is YOU! Have you made allowances for three weeks food and water? Do you have basic tools and knowledge to help yourself, loved ones and neighbors WHEN the big one hits? This is not a childs game, it is open-eyed reality, though the instant of its impact has not yet manifest. Be the shining light; prepared, educated and ready to help yourself and your neighbors through an exceedingly hard time. Just a thought...or two.

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