Fall Classes at SBCC Will Be Online

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Source: SBCC

Superintendent/President of Santa Barbara City College Dr. Utpal K. Goswami announced an update regarding plans for the Fall 2020 semester. Given current community conditions, classes will start fully online.

Initial plans for the Fall semester considered offering the majority of courses online, with a small percentage of classes conducted face-to-face. The College has been working diligently on those plans for several months. However, since Santa Barbara County has been on the State of California’s Monitoring List since June 6, 2020, SBCC has had to reassess its plans.

“We have been in ongoing, regular communication with our Santa Barbara County Public Health department and have determined that it is highly unlikely that our County will be able to make the needed progress in order to allow for face-to-face instruction to resume on August 24th [the first day of Fall semester],” wrote Goswami in an email to faculty and staff.

Although the plan is for all Fall courses to begin online, the College will be pursuing a very limited exemption for some of classes that support essential and critical infrastructure. The State of California allows, with approval from the local Public Health Agency, certain programs that support essential and critical infrastructure to meet in-person in order to fulfill specific requirements. Such classes would be limited in scope and follow strict health and safety guidelines. SBCC has nine Career Technology Education (CTE) programs that might meet this exemption. Over the next couple of weeks, SBCC hopes to work out details on possible exemptions in consultation with the Public Health Department.

Recognizing its responsibility to support students, faculty and staff, SBCC is dedicated to “flattening the curve” in order to make a difference in community transmission of the virus. For updates on the situation as it evolves, visit the SBCC website: www.sbcc.edu

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oops Jul 30, 2020 09:18 AM
Fall Classes at SBCC Will Be Online

If the teachers didn't get paid for doing virtually nothing they would certainly change their minds to hold classes on campus.

letmego Jul 30, 2020 09:38 AM
Fall Classes at SBCC Will Be Online

Hmm...I have a friend who has been a teacher at City college for years - they have taught several all online classes prior to this. It's by no means "doing nothing" and it's not "no work". In fact, I'm such a dinosaur that I actually took an online master's level class (well, truthfully it was "live" but over the television) back in the mid-1990s.

Mesarats Jul 30, 2020 09:00 AM
Fall Classes at SBCC Will Be Online

I hope SBCC can find safe workarounds for the vocation programs that depend on hands on skills like Marine Tech, automotive, construction, and related technicians plus nursing and allied medical, which will be particularly challenging as would culinary. Vocational programs used to have a greater presence in community colleges and benefit the local students and community. The recruiting of high tuition out of state and foreign student source of funding probably will not return to pre COVID levels anytime soon.

citizenSB Jul 30, 2020 08:06 AM
Fall Classes at SBCC Will Be Online

It would be nice to post the status of all colleges in SB county as far as online or face to face classes.
Hopefully everyone is online. We certainly do not need a bunch of 18-24 year olds flying in.

a-1596083063 Jul 29, 2020 09:24 PM
Fall Classes at SBCC Will Be Online

The right questions are getting asked about "going to college: the "..... $1.6 trillion in aggregate student-loan debt, lightweight and trendy curricula, ideological hectoring, administrative bloat, reduced teaching loads, poor placement of graduates, and the suspension of the Bill of Rights on campus began turning off both students and the public. If students can Zoom or Skype their classes from home this fall, why pay $70,000 a year for the campus “experience”?"...

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